Tips for choosing a good blonde name

Getting a blogname can sometimes be difficult, especially when the cab is very high in competition and there are no good blogs. Well, do not worry, because my short article will help you choose a good bling.

  • Domain is easy to remember this helps visitors remember the name and later visit more interesting articles. If it's hard to remember, you are unfortunately missing the incoming traffic from the blog. Considering that it is much easier to advertise your blog, you would like people worldwide to remember the name of your blog when you look at your ad.
  • Your domain name must be short ; This helps people remember the name of the blog. I know it's complicated to get quality domains with fewer characters, that's not worried because there are many that are available. Try to avoid using long domains; Long domain names are incorrect when you type your browser. I suggest that the domain name be less than 10 characters.
  • The domain name can contain a hyphen between words. The domain will emphasize more if two or more words are associated with a hyphen. It is much easier to note that the domain is written and if you use a keyword, the search engines will be of a high standard.
  • Your domain name may contain a popular domain extension Most bloggers prefer this because the blog seems to be a professional with a short extension. I'm not saying you do not get visitors, I say, it looks simple and clearer if you use a popular domain extension.

Source by Ateeq Eyaz

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