Three Different Types of Travelers or Tourists

This may be a strange travel tip, but knowing what tourist or traveler will help stop your expectations and likely improve your travel adventures. Read the following list of three types of travelers to see if you can find the match or where to find it.

A leisure traveler: Generally, he strives for local flavors, local customs, and culture. You may just sit on the beach and relax, read a book, play golf or just relax. He does not object to foreign sites, but he does not care to get deep into a new culture. You only need to spend another year in the office …

The Experiential Traveler: This traveler is looking for reports in other cultures. Pleasing and inquisitive, this traveler extends to the outside of strange new worlds and strives to get the most out of learning (learning) from the destination. Willing to take the risk to gain experience, this traveler is deeply in favor of taking another culture and finding a deeper meaning in it. There are no such foreign bars and restaurants!

Experimental traveler: Not only is it willing to try new things, but rather to look for them. They may look for a report beyond the present existence and are willing to try (and possibly fail) to travel between destinations and not to travel at all. The experimental traveler's subset is the existential traveler. The one who really finds a new culture in the report and wants to be involved in the long run. You may be home to ping your favorite city or country, your favorite beach or mountain hike, and will actively save another trip on the same site or even a new destination as an experiment. They have been released from their routines and are inwardly in the desired location.

Tourism is available for all manifestations in the travel world, but what is the "bad vacation" The traveler. A recreational traveler does not want to drive on a tour, walk or hike in the mountains and will not be happy if the travel partner forces him. But their partner does not want to sit on the beach all day. When traveling in pairs or groups, accommodation must be created by other people to find their wishes. While traveling to foreign countries and not wanting to actively participate in a new culture, they can change themselves for a short time, and it can not cause a whole path to ruin.

Knowing the type of traveler you need It is easier to choose your destination and enjoy the ride much more, as success is not the success but the unsuccessful journey.

Source by David C. Reynolds

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