This is the most primitive, yet popular, Masaai in Kenya.

This community has been trying hard to keep culture in a place where Westerners wash all the evidence of African culture. The government is doing its best to apply a new and better way of life. When the supreme lifestyle comes, you will find a unique Masaai who has thousands of heads of cattle. Most are weak, malnourished, and a big head trying to graze the land for these animals. The government supports less productive cows and also supports other types of livelihoods, such as farming.

Primitive Masaai strongly opposed the formal education system. You have claimed that you do not need an education system that teaches children how to stop animals. When she finally had some sense in educating children; only agreed to educate the boy child. The girl's child is not appreciated in the community. Most of the time she spends her bathing when she looks at a girl. She is only fit for marriage and children.

The dress, though very unique, is a bit primitive and embarrassing, especially for urban people. Beautifully dressed Shuhs. Bovine blood is also taken as part of their diet. This line is fresh from the cow. If a Masaai boy chooses to take part in circumcising surgery in a hospital, he will be out of the community. Coward and traitor. Man must be able to withstand pain, no matter how intense it is. The boys are going through ritual rituals to be able to put an end to the pain and to encourage them.

Source by George Mwema

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