The worst time to come to Bali

About Christmas and New Year's Eve around Bali Bali is full. Hotels have been fully booked, including private villas, top quality accommodation that cost over a thousand dollars per night. Car rental companies close the doors for new interests, and most of the tables are popular with delicious restaurants in advance. There is no chance in tourism in the last few moments. It is always interesting how Bali moves visitors over the period, especially considering Bali becoming popular with tropical beaches. Between December and January, Bali is usually the highlight of the rainy season. Those months when continuous rain for days is obvious. Even when the rain stops, it is usually rare to have a clear blue sky and a dazzling sun. Most days are damp and boring even when rain falls for a while.

Apart from tropical beaches, there are many other things to do. But most of them are not entertaining without the sunny days. Visiting churches, artistic performances, adventurous activities, seaside water sports, fine dining are all perfect on sunny days, which we rarely get over the period.

The situation deteriorated at the soaring price. Due to high demand, availability is scarce. Many people are willing to pay any price for the last availability. It applies to everything from accommodation to restaurant reservations. "If there is more free villa available during that time, then this is not the case," said Wisna Wedhana, executive director of the villa rental agency. "Prices are 30 to 40 percent higher and people are only required without it," he continued.

The impact of demand on the price affects not only the top of the market, where the private villa has been rented. Tourism-related products, such as transport and food, and cheaper markets, such as budget placement, have a similar tendency. "Even worse, when the luxurious Bali Villa makes a 30-40 percent price cut, cheap hotels also doubled their prices for backpackers," said the travel agent at home.

Source by Adi Arifin

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