The top 5 places in the world in the camp in luxury

The days passed when the campsite reported the magnification. If you like the idea of ​​camping, but without leaving all modern life, you will be delighted by the availability of the luxury campgrounds. Here are the Top 5 Places in the World Camp.

1. Golden Triangle

Gold Triangle is famous for its luxurious travel experience in Thailand. Owner of the prestigious Four Seasons chain, guests will always be satisfied. Whether romantic river cruises to the resort, or the exquisite furnishings in the 15 exclusive tents or tropical jungle, there is something here that you can love. Tents with open-air terraces are bright and open spaces with spectacular views of the Ruak River.

Passengers can take a three or four-night all-inclusive package, which includes elephant hikes, beautiful mountain and jungle paths, and a full-time hike. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

In the picturesque realm of British Columbia, Canada, a unique experience is waiting. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is located on Vancouver Island, each year between May and September. Promising for those who love to travel in style with the environmentally friendly pampering, the resort is surrounded by spacious, tastefully decorated tents surrounded by wonderful forests and forests. Clayoquot offers popular couples as well as gourmet food and endless outdoor activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, kayaking, kayaking and archery to name a few. Visitors can choose between three, five or seven nights for our luxury travel deals

3. Wilson Island

Looking for an exclusive, unique and pleasant vacation without disturbing passports?

Do not look any further at this luxury suite on Wilson Island, Reef, Queensland. If you have at least 12 guests at this resort at the same time, you can enjoy spending time in peace, whether alone or as a beloved one.

The Wilson Island is relatively clean from the touch of man, and visitors admire the wildlife and the natural scenery. Tents feature a raised wooden floor, a king-size bed, furniture and daily housekeeping, while sitting on the dusk, you can sit in the wonderful Australian flora and fauna while enjoying all the comforts that make life much easier.

4. The length of the 131st

If the Australian Desert is uncomfortably hot and dusty then the 131st is remembered again. This luxurious resort, bordering the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, offers the natural beauty of the desert, with its pampered atmosphere. Imagine he was lying in his king-size bed when he looks at Uluru in the early morning or dining under the stars. Perhaps the best of the reverse cycle air conditioning, which keeps the dreaded heat away, and allows you to get the most out of every experience.

131 is a romantic, calm mood, and your memory will be remembered long after leaving.

5. Sweetwaters tented camp

Sweetwater's tent is one of the best in the world, with its full bathroom, veranda and full room service. Located in Kenya, Sweetwater is a private game reserve where guests can enjoy the wild safari and see the sights of the beautiful African jungle of the sun and return to the shelter accommodation at night.

Five course meals for all the evening and parking card means you do not have to sacrifice one thing to live in the great outdoors while enjoying your luxury vacation in Kenya. Spa treatments, a pool, secretarial services, internet access and scuba diving will also help.

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