The Tantric Relationship, the Divine Alliance of the Sacred Partnership

"Sharing the Divine Union with a partner can be as easy as the energy that flows through the slightest resistance, and that is a lot of fun. can be the hardest thing you have ever faced, lovers, and that consciousness and intent are all bringing the moment of the Divine Union. ” (19459002)

The tantric relationship is one where there is a divine union and a perfect balance in the masculine and feminine energies with you and your partner. never ending, this energy has a constant flow from one to the other, giving and receiving energy. In the ancient Indian myth, Shiva and Sh Acts are considered to be the basic concept of the Divine Union, Tantra.

As individuals, we all have innate male and female aspects. They are expressed and expressed in different ways in our lives. Sometimes man is receptive and feeling, sometimes strong and guiding. Sometimes the woman is confident and direct, sometimes soft and winning.

Tantric teachings are the same as the concept that everyone has an internal ability to be realized through the experience of tantric practices . In Eastern religious thought, Tantra is the path of spiritual access. In Western thinking, we can be seen as a door to reach our final opportunity – our joyful life, sharing our love, celebrating everything. The Divine Union is an effective means of reaching us. When we are in a tantric relation to gaining and receiving joy and respect each other, as God and Goddess embody, they awaken deep learning. You enter into a mythical dimension that allows you to fly freely as your divine nature. You are infusing with long-term engagement with increasing awareness, playfulness and stagnant energy between you and your partner. Such is the practice and advantages of Tantra.

t This can also involve children, as the flow of energy and your partner also influences how you relate to your children. As you and your loved ones are better suited to each other's energy flow, you will be able to tune into the energy flow of our children. The dance of male and female energies is always in your relationship. Understanding this as a basic principle can change how you react to interaction with any individual.

Consciously uses the relationship as a laboratory to learn new ways of communication, creating a sacred place, revealing the interaction of male and female pages, and exchanging more and learning more and partnering. (Lokita Carter)

You and your loved ones are more inspired to play together in this deeply-filled energy tank.

Capturing the tantric relationship offers you richness without comparison. Your relationship with yourself, your partners, your friends, and your family is expanding and enriching. Your life becomes a holy partnership with all things.

Source by Luminessa Enjara

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