The site claims Romania is one of the finest European destinations

A year ago, two Romanian backpackers camped beside the campfire in the Carpathians when they came up with a winning conception.

Made an online travel guide in Romania with rich personal accounts and many seductive photos. And that's not all. This tour guide can also connect tourists and adventurers who are interested in attractions and stories, with travel agencies that meet their entry into Romania. Today [] provides a fresh perspective to a country that many people did not travel anymore.

Romania is a country that is a victim of stereotype between Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. The closed, falsified information model of the former Communist marketing [] encourages travelers to share their story to show others what they have seen through their cameras' lenses to tell their personal and intimate truth about Romania.

If someone has not traveled to Romania, then [] offers a free trial guide for Romania as a travel destination. Travelers will have the opportunity to meet with other wanderers all over the world, to express their doubts and advice, to read the catchy stories and the real travel journals.

Will you recognize painted monasteries and quiet nights famous Bucovina, get answers to questions like Dracula is real? Are Romanian girls really the hottest in Europe? How do you feel when someone grabs his wallet, takes away all the cash, and leaves the home?

Good, bad and nasty, the real thing is []

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