The rivers of Thailand

The largest river in Thailand is Chao Phraya. It has low alluvial soils that indicate the plains of Thailand. Chao Phraya comes from two other meeting places for Ping and Nan. The Nan River Main Court is the Yom River.

Wang River is another river that flows in northern Thailand and is 335 miles long. It comes from the Ping River.

The longest river in Thailand is the River Chi, which is 765 km, but the water flow is very low. It passes through the Thai province of Yasothon.

Chao Phraya is 372 km from Bangkok to the Gulf of Thailand. Chainat is split into two. The main part of the river, the so-called Chin River, runs parallel to Chao Phray and ends in the Gulf. This is called by many names. In Chainat it is called the Makhamthao River, and when it passes through Suphanburi, it is called Suphan. Nakhon becomes a Chaisi river when he enters Nakhon Pathon and is then called the Tha Chin River when Samut reaches Sakhon's mouth. Many of the channels are channeled and water from the channels is used for irrigation.

Nonthaburi Uthai Thani, Singburi, Nakhon Sawan, Ang Thong, Ayutthaya and Chainat Pathum Thani are cities along the rivers. Nakhon Sawan is the city where the two great Nan and Ping rivers meet. Ang Thong is an agricultural area and Chao Phraya and Noi River meet in this city.

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