The reason to stick to WordPress

When I started blogging, I considered free hosting, free domain, and all the freedom. Many free hosting and domains have done a great job for me, such as blogger, Ning and Each one is good enough to make simple blogs for personal and small organizations. But after using, I can never return to free hosting and domains. Let's have a look at why I stick to WordPress:

1. Easy to install

Most web hosts know WordPress well, so try WordPress. I use Powweb for my storage. The Control Panel has a WordPress button, just click and follow the steps. I think not just Powweb, every update to web hosting is so.

2. Easy to set up

I have very little knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS. They all seem to me a heavenly language. Thank you very much for WordPress to create this great platform for everyday people. If you ask, it's very easy to set up WordPress, & # 39; I'm Responding & # 39; No. & # 39; At the same time, if you ask again, it's too heavy, I'm Responding & # 39; No. & # 39; Especially for beginners, it was more challenging but good for human language. FreeNewbie's first post on "Nothing is Easy in Internet Marketing", but everything is possible.

3. Each post has its own description and keywords

For other blogs such as a blogger, a blog and a description And a keyword can be in a blog.

4. SEO is easy to view

The advantage is that each post has its own description so all entries are visible in SEO. If one of your posts has good reputation and description for the post, you can be on the Search Engines homepage. This postcard might be more powerful than the main blog description and keywords.

I wrote the suggested WordPress extensions three days ago, you know how important plugins are for WordPress. WordPress does not have enough puzzles for your children. It may be more than enough (to leave).

6. Easy Tech Support

If you have any technical issues, there are many forums, blogs, posts, articles, and online services available on WordPress. The WordPress community's great thing is that there are so many developers who are willing to help and give the right leadership to your problems.

7. Impressive Themes

There are many free themes and pay for WordPress themes. If you do not want the theme you are using, it's very easy to change. Sometimes it's too easy to change, so it's a problem. Anyway, it's better than changing it. Changing WordPress themes is just a click away. You do not need to copy and paste more files and code / text than before, all of them neatly packaged into your own theme folders. Simply create (or download) and then upload it. Set the switch and it's done.

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