The Online Humble Writers of the Devil

Well, actually, writers of online articles and author of amateur articles have called many things in their lives, I'm sure a few times a month, depending on the type of emails. Still, I got the most interesting e-mail last day, according to which the creators of the propagating online article are the devil and they ruin the internet. I completely disagree.

A gentleman, (and I use only this intolerance), an opinionist and underperformed Blogger has recently stated that; The propagating online article writes articles that are dirty. Well, I think this comment and blogger's note, as well as the irresistible, personalized e-mail, go beyond the line.

Both of their lords have written less than a hundred articles. And if my articles or my online article articles are writers and amateur authors who are so fucked up, they will come to be doing it well. You see, I now have 2 million articles views, 45,777 pickups, my victories and comments are like sour grapes.

I met people at the back of the package, sometimes before the race. Sometimes they will answer my victory later, but one sure. I'm not bothering to name their names and believe me when I say no one cares about your opinion until you do something.

People who criticize the authors of the fertile online article have no basis and empirical data that support their comments and sound like whiners. It's almost as if they are trying to make themselves feel overwhelmed by those who have achieved something in the online subsector of the online article. Their comments and criticisms can not be taken seriously because they are too general, too witty and completely unfounded. I expect a real criticism from someone who has achieved something in online articles. Please consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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