The Most Known Secrets of the Yucatan Peninsula

From Mayan pyramids to underground rivers and exotic wildlife to clean beaches, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico holds rich secrets. If you vacation on this jungle paradise, just south of the border, check out these gems. CENOTE LaNORIA

Before you can hit Cenote LaNoria's crystalline water, you need to find George of the Jungle. The waiter at Juicy Rosie Juice Stand in Puerto Morelos, this shaman / guide can lead you into the hinterland where a freshly discovered fresh water can creep into the ground. Watch out for the bats as you explore the static-filled cave and resist the temptation to get you into the black mouth of the underdog rippling. It has never been discovered. The cost? $ 20 USD for George (including lunch) and $ 5 for the struggling Mexican farmer who owns the cenotaph


This art garden lagoon is located at the end of a pebble road between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Get $ 9, do not masks and fins, and suck up older bronze sculptures on the miniature islands until the haloclin is cleansed and floats in limestone valleys and underwater caves. You will encounter the rainbow hued parrot fish, pin-striped sergeant of great publishers and endangered sea turtles. You may not meet many tourists, but local families are cool here, and school girls will laugh when saying "Hi!"


Migrate to the nature conservation and rehabilitation center on shady paths of tamarind trees and quickly discover that you are not in a typical zoo. In Crococun, just 15 minutes south of Cancun, you can play spider monkeys, feed white-tailed deer, and wear a python like a necklace. But the real adventure begins the moment when it enters the crocodile cover. And I got in, I mean, come in. You liked the stupid reptiles favorite if you like, but as the guide warns you, just caress their scaly tails. They knock a little when you get too close to your head.


I first tasted the agua fresca on a plastic canister at the back of a bicycle. Pineapples, mangoes, strawberries, melons, hibiscus flowers or my favorite mixed with tamarind, this fresh water is popular among locals. Ask the restaurant or the road stand. But I think the agua fresca tastes better in the afternoon during the hot Mexican day from a ragout plastic cup to a young man wearing a jar on his bicycle. CHICHEN ITZA NIGHTS

Kukulkan's pyramid rises like a ghostly appearance in a Milky Way's Nested Sky. Some intrepid travelers join him as he sits between the staircase and the Great Ball Court on the folding chair on the lawn. The lamenting voice of the storyteller depicts the story of Chichen Itzaaaah – he draws the magical spell. You feel that you are away from another time, to another place. But experiencing these Mayan ruins under a star pack is reserved for the courage to spend the night, as Chichen Itza is in the jungle for three and a half hours. No problem. Hacienda Chichen, Dr. Sylvanus Morely's expedition leader, Spielberg's inspiration for Indiana Jones, is located within the limits of the ancient Mayan city. Prices start at $ 120 USD.

Source by Laura LaBrie

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