The most important reasons why you should visit Iceland

Even the most experienced travelers claim that Iceland is incomparable with any other planet on the planet. The incredible beauty and power of natural elements make Iceland unique and vibrant.

Why should you travel to Iceland? There are some reasons: North Lamps

Due to its exceptional geographic position, the Iceland Tour is one of the best hiking in the world to experience aurora borealis. These mystical sunshine impressed those who had seen them thousands of years ago. It is an indescribable natural attraction that can not be forgotten. Iceland has recently become a popular destination for filming the director's film festival.

The country was famous for such films as James Bond, Batman Begins and Oblivion with Tom Cruise and even the Thrones Games. Moon paintings, ice lagoons and other miracles really help make the country the most modern destination.

The Divine Natural Resources

What Is Without Iceland's Natural Hot Source? Both visitors and locals love it, hot springs are places where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the present moment. Even better! You can enjoy the whole year and literally everywhere, as hundreds of people scattered across the country.

The Adventure

Treasures of our planet: volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, small Scandinavian fishing village, fjords, deserts, black sandy beaches, You can fully appreciate these landscapes by riding a typical Icelandic horse or hiking in the Land Mannalaugar world's railways. Clean Water, Fresh Air and Geothermal Activity Respecting the Environment, Iceland is an ideal goal to absorb all the natural Its power and beauty

Capital of Reykjavik

Its capital, Reykjavik, is absolutely glamorous, pleasant, safe, fashionable and energy bubbling! The city is full of colorful Norwegian houses, elegant cafés and charming local shops. In addition, the harp, the beautiful bay and the dominant Esja-mountain architectural jewels contribute to giving irresistible magic to the mood of Reykjavik. ] Icelandic are happy people! Iceland has been one of the top 10 countries in the world for years. This is not surprising as the country is based on an advanced economy, an excellent health system, long-term peace and many uncontaminated environments. On the cake, icing is the world's most equal country for women!

Not too cold

Because of its geographical location, there is a tendency that Iceland is a very cold country. This shot must be deleted. The current flow of the Golf Stream from the Caribbean flows to the Icelandic coasts, which greatly mitigates the climate throughout the year. As a result, the temperature in Iceland rarely falls below 5 ° C in winter. So you can be sure that Montreal or New York is much cooler!

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