The Most Exciting Torres Del Paine Tours From Puerto Natales

From Torres Del Paine you can reach many points like Punta Arenas, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, El Calafate, El Chalten and Puerto Natales. The last is the first choice for those who are looking and thrilling at Torres Del Paine. It's the closest one and you have to travel around the park for about 3 hours. Once you have the opportunity to go for a variety of tours, such as the famous and favorite W-circle or the extended O-circle around the Park.

Most tourists arrive from places where Australia, New Zealand, and Canada discover the W circuit for several days. This is a challenging, but fun, adventure that goes by the touring, kayaking and horseback riding. Walking across the globe is a good idea, but the best of Torres del Paine trekking tours is that you can go for a half day in the Glacier Gray starting from Refugio Gray and go to the Gray Glacier. Another exciting opportunity to take a kayak trip from Rio Gray to Rio Serrano. This kayak tour may be short as a day or, if so flexible, you can spend days exploring the various tributaries of the Rio Serrano and then reaching Last Hope Sound. The tributaries of Geike and Tyndall are quite challenging, challenging and thrilling.

Covering W roundabout on foot is a good idea, but if that's a challenge, one of Torres Del Paine's best experiences can be on horseback. You can rent horses and discover the Fjord Trail for three days, which takes you through the wetlands and Paine Massif. Another option is the Glacier Rides on Glacier Dickson, camp at night, and a wonderful horseback ride. Likewise, the Gauchos trail, which passes through the beautiful forested areas in the Glaciers, is a memorable journey. If you want to combine luxury with a horseback ride, you have the opportunity to cover the stages in one day, the rest with the massages and to sleep comfortably in the hotels.

Alternative way to discover the Torres Del Paine is to rent a mountain bicycle, explore the Carretas trail and pedal along Laguna Azul, mapping the Milodon Cave and passing through the Oggioni corridor.

One of the best and most popular ways Torres Del Paine is on foot and less explored places. Hiking in the Bader Valley is a different experience as the road leads to the rear of the towers and can be viewed in other ways. This and the Forgotten Valley tour must be on the short list of trampers who want to do more than follow the path followed.

The route is more or less the same. The fact that someone decides to reveal it is different and exciting.

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