The Mobile Office – Car Organization for Business Travel

" I wish ____ with me." Fill the flash. How many times have you been on the scene, met a client just to discover that there was no form or brochure that would have helped settle the dispute?

Whether it is about selling, real estate, consulting or many other jobs, travel is usually involved. Even though you spend most of the day in an office, you still have to go back and forth, you often have to work with you, or maybe you may have lunch with a customer and you can do this. "You are running a comment in your mind.

Here are some basics that can be beneficial to everyone.

Notepad: If you need a longer conversation with a client, you want to make notes about the conversation, do not expect to keep everything in your mind later. ]

Index cards: You can always go with you in the shirt pocket, purse, briefcase and car. write something down on an index card when something arises what you need to do or remember. When you come back to the office, put it on a full sheet of paper and put it in the Daily Action file.

Mileage counter: If you're close by, you're more likely to remember the miles you've made. It is much harder to do once a month or re-create the data at the end of the tax year.

CDs : : If you want to take full advantage of the travel time, this is the way for fixed business books. On the other hand, if you want to relax before you meet or in your home, choose a music that will comfort you.

It is advisable to consider a multi-compartment automated organizer, located above the headrest and facing the passenger seat, to store these materials. It provides easy access. If you have a driver, simply move around to hang on the back of the seat, still available.

There is a zippered plastic case for extra pens, pencils, and other basic desks. You do not want these to be lazy for sudden stops where they can fly into bullets.

Occasion Occasional reading: There is a folder that can be useful to grab anytime without an open plan for an appointment. This allows you to take advantage of your time effectively while waiting and thus reduce the potential stress caused by delays.

Map Book: Even if you have a GPS system, it's a good idea to back up your emergency.

Umbrella: Do not leave this in the trunk. It does not cover you when suddenly a cloud break occurs while you meet.

Weight Forms and Brochures: Use a small travel compartment or box that holds hanging folders. So you can keep your car in the car without having to figure out what you need at each start.

Product samples: Get plastic containers that can contain your products. If it is in tanks, it leaves more space in the trunk.

Grips: These pieces cling to the luggage carpet and prevent it. Place them strategically at the corners of the containers.

If you use something while you are out, remember the index card to remember to charge the battery when it comes back.

Returning to your office, be sure to remove all new materials – order form, business card, conference bag, ToDo index card – and take it with you right away. Upload everything you've used. This ensures that you always need what you need and the car is not trapped.

The car reflects on you and your methods. If you're embarrassed or embarrassed when someone unexpectedly travels with you, change it today. Preparation will contribute to confidence as you go to the next meeting, knowing that you are at your disposal. You control it and look at it.

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