The Heaviest Skateboard Trick

There's a question that goes a long way in skateboarding – "What's the world's toughest skateboarding trick?" But can this question really be answered? It may not be because it is not easy to give a finger as one skateboarder's opinion may deviate from what one of the skaters can think of as a trick or perhaps even the toughest one can not be so difficult for others. But as a skateboard blogger, I get this question over and over again, so I'll try and solve this puzzle once and for all.

It's possible we throw kickflip into the conversation. The great skateboarder Tony Hawk himself said that kicking is one of the toughest tricks for skateboarding and he still has problems with it. Of course, the world of skateboarding has even more sophisticated and challenging tricks, but for many, kickflip is a special fight, and if you learn, learning more advanced tricks is easier and the learning curve improves. But on the other hand, as we have already said, there are tougher tricks. In fact, even the pistol, the twin brother of kickfklip, most say it's a tougher version of kickflip. So move …

What about the threefold? There are two tricks at the same time, basically a pop twist and a kickflip together, and many of them are one of the toughest skateboarding tricks.

We could bring the impossible. I mean, you're the name yourself. Impossible. It just sounds so good, impossible. According to legend, the inventor of the trick, Rodney Mullen, thought and before explaining to his friends that he was actually "impossible" before he actually landed. About Vertical / Transition Tricks It would not be fair to argue that you should leave the tricks when you have arguments, and there are some who say that spitting is more difficult than the street (though there are some that dispute the opposite). Mwtwist has once found it difficult. In September 2010, Bob Burnquist landed the world's first 900 on a mega ramp. Does this mean that at the time of writing that the 900 would be the world's toughest skateboarding trick?

Oh, like the old question, how many licks needed to get to Tootsie Roll's center Tootsie Pop, the world never knows.

Source by Allan Clearpool

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