The Great Power of Words

There is a tool kit that every man has. This tool set is so strong that when used wisely, you can turn people into a saint. If you use this tool negligently, the same man will be foolish.

Ironically, though we all have such powerful tools, almost everyone finds it self-explanatory. We use them regularly, we do not even think about it. They are so fundamental and essential that we can not have complete thought without them.

So, what's the device we're talking about? The answer may be surprising. We're talking about words. Yes, words! No matter what language you speak, your words carry enormous energy.

What we think:

Our thoughts control our whole life. What we think determines our actions, our attitude, and how we see ourselves. Our thoughts determine what we experience and what is our life.

We only think in two ways. The first is the picture, the second the words. What is happening, we see a picture in our minds, and transforming these images into words; or we'll start the pictures right away with words.

You may have a picture of yourself in an office wearing a suit, standing on a chalkboard, talking to a table full of executives. This image can have many meanings. These reports are clarified in words. Even when we only clarify ourselves.

We often hear people saying, "This voice in my head said …" Now we're joking about people being crazy when we hear and talk to ourselves, the truth is, we all have this we do. This "little" voice in your mind is not so "a bit". This voice in your mind means what we feel, reach, reach or not reach our lives.

If your self-esteem is low, what's the reason? The answer is yours. How do you change your self image? This can be done by changing the words. You change that change what you say to yourself.

2 – Another sentence can change the life of another person, even if we do not want or want it. We must be cautious.

Parents are notorious about shouting kids. "Good or nothing for nothing …". – You will never do anything again. I do not think these parents really want this to be true for their children. But these kids may not even know. And even if they know, they can not know the subconscious level. Think for a moment that the child yelling at the paragraph above is thirty years old. He wants to go in with him and his job he wants will open. As he walks to get a request from the boss, his parents say, "He will never count anything again!" He stops, turns and goes back to his table and defeats him. 19459002

Never tried it yet. He could not take enough confidence to see if he could move. Why? Because somewhere in there is a little boy his parents are shouting. There was an all-powerful power in his parents' life. Childhood is all knowledgeable creatures. If you did not believe it, who would guess them?

Am I Dramatic? Is this really possible? It may appear to be exaggerated, but studies show that this is exactly what is happening in real life.

Do parents mean that this is so? No. They do not know what they are doing. It seems innocuous. That's how our parents walked. They are just words. "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt you." Right? Bad!!! Bad!!! Bad!

Usually, we teach things to a good-natured adult who tries to stop the pain of the child. But nothing can be further from the truth. These words hurt and hurt. It's usually much worse than a fist fight. The bruising on the body is relatively quick to heal. Your heart's friction can never heal. If so, it will work very slowly and with great work.

I urge you to carefully choose words. We are all going to say too many harmful things in our lives, even if we consciously try not to. If at least we do not try to keep track of what we say, the results can be devastating.

Source by Priscilla Palmer

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