The Future of Space Travel

When I saw the last transfer launched in July, the spectacle looked at the Atlantic Ocean's crest. Six months ago, I moved to Cocoa Beach, which was brought to life by the romance of the shabby lifestyle. And although I am proud to have told you that I spent almost a year in my life, not everything was as I planned. The loss of the transfer program had a serious impact on the labor market and I had to go back to employment in Pennsylvania's home country.

Cocoa Beach, if you are not familiar, lies south of Cape. Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center. Almost all engineers working at NASA live in Cocoa Beach and have a high-paying job for the local economy. When it was announced that the Shuttle program was fired, the community was panicked. In addition to relying heavily on NASA's engineers, Cocoa Beach's economy is geared towards tourists. When the Shuttle program is still running, it has attracted millions of tourists a year every year. Many felt that the fleet was shocked by the city's economy.

Initially, NASA faced extreme criticism of the shuttle's retreat. The alarmers feared that the movement was less competitive in America. These people mention the fact that Space has enormous economic potential. Anyone who has mastered the space would inevitably master the planet. China has devoted more and more resources to space ship research and development. But NASA has argued that the transfer is not the right vehicle. His design remained relatively unchanged since the 1980s, and the agency thought it would be better.

Thus, it was decided that American astronauts would be linked to an international space station from China and Russia. The money saved by NASA from Shuttle instead of going to different areas. One such area was the design of a long-range ship for Mars or the asteroid. The remainder of the money goes to independent commercial spacecraft.

It seems that in 2012 these commercial premises will eventually begin to deliver customers to space. Richard Branson Virgin Galacticja, though not funded by NASA, plans to build tourists into the sky in the coming months. Of course, the first commercial flights to the ultimate border are not cheap. It seems that only the very wealthy get the money for space adventures because the seats typically contain around $ 200,000. Virgin maintains that prices will fall after the initial cost of the project has been paid. Other companies offer cheaper options, although the "cheaper" word in this case is still quite expensive. No company offers a cheaper offer than a luxury car

Meanwhile, NASA keeps its promise and uses the Kennedy facilities to develop the next stage of space exploration. In collaboration with Boeing, scientists work with the following tools to pass the astronauts to the international space station and the international space station. But the agency has stated that it does not intend to last long on the low Earth orbit. The ultimate goal of the program is to explore the outer areas of space. The planned goals are Mars and the Asteroid Belt

Boeing also uses the Kennedy facility as a commercial destination. The airline has long recognized the results of and this new direction will surely be successful. Things are looking for the Space Coast. This Pennsylvania winter kills me. And I think my palm trees' dreams suggest it's time to go back

Source by Malcom Bacman

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