The five most important ideas for optimizing RSS

If you're completely new to blogging and you do not know what RSS is all about, RSS is simply a Really Simple Syndication for a web feed format family , which is regularly updated regularly. Thus blogging usually takes place in blog posts. Each time you post a blog post, anyone subscribing to your RSS feed, either by bookmarking or email, will automatically update or be notified of the new post. In a nutshell this is the easiest way to understand RSS …

What do we mean by saying we're optimizing RSS? Let me explain –

When I talk about optimizing RSS I think you're taking steps to ensure that RSS feeds effectively to attract new subscribers to your content, just like your blog. Let's take a look –

Tips for Optimizing RSS

  1. Put them through blowjob and content is awesome …
  2. First, if you do not provide exceptionally good quality and inventive content, the five more ideas will be worthless for you …

    1. Full RSS Offer

    Both readers can offer both options to join the RSS bookmark or RSS updates.

    1. Unique

    Think about designing an RSS icon and creating an RSS-mail opt-in form. Unique; add some extra text or encouragement to scout readers. Do not throw it in such a way as to look like a bulletin board, just stop it.

    1. Be visible and easy to subscribe

    Despite making RSS unique, do not go back because it's challenging for readers to find their RSS subscriber icon or opt-in.

    many blogs where I enjoyed reading content, but I felt so damned because I did not find the RSS subscription form or icon. No footage in the footer, hiding the page elsewhere on your blog no, no, no, no … the worst! The top of the page window and its entries is often the best place for the RSS icon and the subscription form.

    It's also easier for readers to subscribe, do not ask questionnaires or check the list of radial buttons, just make it really easy.

    1. Tell them what it is about

    We do not suppose everyone knows what this big orange square RSS logo is. Consider reading readers about RSS; write a few comments, or make a video tutorial that explains what it's about and how it's worth subscribing to RSS feeds. Education is the best policy in every blog slot …

    1. Do not give them too many other options

    My last tip is for those who want to greatly increase their RSS subscriber number. Do not let your readers have too many other options for subscribing. You will see that many bloggers put the RSS icon in place with social icons and all other tools, this is not a bad thing, so do not be fooled, but if you really want to increase subscribers, put your RSS near the top of the page window, and place the residue, eg. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    So just to sum up your tips to optimize RSS with bullets, because we all love bullets? Yes … I thought …

    • Awesome Content for Readers
    • Full RSS Offer
    • Unique, visible and easy to subscribe
    • Let your readers know what RSS really is
    • Do not give too many other options to readers (if you want to increase RSS subscribers)
    • These are the ideas that optimize RSS and make the best use of multiple subscribers. Now I want to hear your thoughts or maybe you want to share your own tips. Please do this in the note below as always

      Source by Daisy Graham Jones

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