The Dragon Entered: English to Chinese Translation

The People's Republic of China looks today through other lenses. Exotic. Mysterious. Aggressive. Charming. These are just a few monoculars that make up for this 9,597 million square kilometers, which is the land of the dragon. How did Made in China become the most productive of products? Why did Chinese speech and writing gain such significance? If the Chinese do not learn English, is it not an obvious solution for English-speaking users to learn Chinese, to translate, to translate, to translate?

What is China today?

China is a land surrounded by the North Gobi Desert, thick, impenetrable forests in the south, the Western Himalayas and the East Pacific. This is why early civilization has limited interactions with this country. The policy of this country has also added its economic and cultural isolation. In the 1970s, only the radical economic reforms swirled over China's vast landscape and became part of a global trade economy. The Chinese Communist government not only opened the market, but also the free flow of trade and technology across its borders.


China is the second largest economy in the United States

is the global manufacturing center

is the largest exporter and the second largest importer of goods and

This is the fact that China is growing with 1.382.323.332 census and every millisecond (yes, expect it by clicking on the link and see how fast the number changes!), And you will know the mind-boggling economy and the market, Which they are considering.

Language in English

English language education in China only increased in 1979 when the dragon established a strong diplomatic relationship with the American eagle. It is estimated that the English "speakers" as low as 10 million and the English "learners" 300 million, China is still a long way to free and easy communication, considering that much of the West uses the English. So, this mammoth, well-connected market is still unannounced? Less! "If the mountains do not come to Mahomet, the Mahomet will go to the climber"

Thus Sir Francis Bacon in his essays, 1625.

If the Chinese do not learn English, learn.

Chinese and Taiwanese official languages ​​are Mandarin or Standard Chinese. This is also one of four official languages ​​in Singapore.

The official language of Cantonese (different Chinese languages), Hong Kong and Macau, the two most local government administrative districts in China

The script uses characters from hanzi: there are more than 100,000 unique characters. It can be said that each character represents a syllable and can formulate words that can be used independently or in combination. Recent development has shared this script into a simplified Chinese language that uses reduced and simpler characters; This is mainly used in China. The traditional version continues in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao

The official transliteration system using the Latin alphabet Pinyin has also been developed to alleviate pronunciation

. He noted that Mandarin China is spoken by Chinese communities living in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines and Mongolia, where the Dragon makes visible its presence and breathes breathtaking breath.


Encouraging China to free business flow and to become a land of delicate opportunities, Chinese communication takes on different shapes and colors by deeper and deeper this big potential market.

Professional Chinese translation should be specific to the target area and purpose that requires this service. For example, if the target market is in China and / or Singapore, then the written Chinese type will be a simplified Chinese. However, traditional Chinese is lingua-franca for businesses in the Hi-tech industry and is a simplified Chinese preferred to Chinese producers.

English-Chinese translators need to know much more than languages: Good translation literature will offer translators who know the profession for translation.

Every business

There are many needs in specialized translation that arise during business.

The language and tone of the translation meet all your needs. There is nothing like a wide brush to paint Chinese! Documents, Patents, Publications, Medical Matters, Educational Certificates, Brochures, Insurances, Visas … the list is endless if a country opens its doors to the rest of the world.

Chinese script where a stroke or a syllable can change the whole context or report. Work as the English dominance of the language of business and commerce. It accepts the fact that the Chinese ethos is a concern for a less well known and indispensable denominator and the preservation of the strictest languages. Success formula means that English is translated carefully into Chinese thinking text, script, language, voice and ability

. That's why we need expert translation. Automatic or translation software does not really have access to your account in a language like Chinese. It's good enough to order a plate of scbswan noodles and kung-pao chicken, but not when your needs are professional and the goal is heaven. China burns many exotic burns. But as the People's Republic increasingly destroys the "big wall" that once surrounded isolationist thinking, the layers of mystery are obscured. China is a booming and prosperous economy today. Make your presence in the Big Bang.

Turn your business strategy into success. Weave.

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