The Difference Between Cochlear Implants And Esteem Ear Implant

You are probably confused about how a cochlear implant differs from an Esteem implant. Well, let me tell you that these two devices are not the same. Many may associate these state-of-the-art implants as rivals in the field of medical technology so let me explain this further.

A person with difficulty hearing has different reasons why this is so. Some may have problems with the anatomy of the middle ear while some may also have problems within the inner ear. Cochlear implants correct inner ear problems where the cochlea or the structures inside the cochlea fail to function.

What Cochlear Implants Work

People who have inner ear problems may not benefit much from using a hearing aid. The most important organ for hearing is the cochlea that converts sound waves into electrical impulses and sends it to the brain. When the cochlea or any structures inside it such as the hair cells or the nerves are damaged, transmission of electrical signals to the brain can not happen. As a solution to this, cochlear implants were made. The cochlear implants will serve as an alternative to the damaged cochlea. After the sound waves pass the middle ear, it will be directed to the implant, passing the damaged cochlea. The implant, now functioning as the cochlea will then be sending electrical impulses to the brain which can then be interpreted as sound.

How the Esteem Hearing Implants Work

, Sound waves could not be relayed to the cochlea so no electrical signals would be sent to the brain. The Esteem implant works as an alternative to the damaged middle ear structures. When sounds are perceived by the ear, it will by-pass the damaged structures and will pass through the implant and on to the functioning cochlea. Most individuals who may be recipients of the Esteem implant are experiencing moderate to severe deafness.

Now that it's clear, let me point out that these two implants address different degrees of hearing.

Now that it's clear, let me point out that these two implants address different degrees of hearing loss. Cochlear implants are for those who have severe hearing loss while Esteem implants are for individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss. Ask your doctor.

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