The Difference Between Casio Baby-G and a Casio G Shock Watch

Are you looking for a perfect watch that stands up to a tough lifestyle? Two things come to mind: Casio Baby-G and Casio G shock. These two hours are surprisingly similar. They are hard and durable. It spoils the big falls and the effects that other hours crash. Both of them can be used in water and both have an elegant pattern that differentiates them from other hours.

However, their similarity is sensible. After all, Baby-G is just a minor version of G shock. Despite the similarities, however, there are some unique differences that you should consider before deciding to buy.

Analysis of Differences

  • Men vs. Women – One of the biggest differences between the two hours is that the G-shock was made for men and Baby-G was made for women. The sizes of the straps and the face of the watch are different. The Baby-G face is usually about the same length, but usually not as deep as the male version of the watch.
  • Water Resistance – G-rays generally (though not always) are waterproof to 200 meters. While some Baby-Gs are, many people are only 100 meters tall. Unless your favorite activity is snorkelling or deep sea diving, this can not be a problem.
  • Color – The male version of the watch usually appears in a few colors, such as black, red, silver, gray and white. But the female version is much more colorful. These watches are red, pink, green, white, purple, black, blue and silver. This allows women to choose different and vibrant colors and match the clothes they offer.

] With their elegant look and outstanding durability, these two watches feature many features including:

  • Heat Resistance – Some hours can withstand temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius.
  • Electro-luminescent backlight – The backlight of these two types of clocks allows them to enjoy them any time – no matter what time it is.
  • Auto-Calendar – These Casio watches are programmed so you know not only the time but the date. While the number of years is programmed by the automatic calendar until it varies, depending on the exact version you buy, some are programmed up to 2099.
  • Long Battery Life – Casio G shock and Baby-G both come with a long battery life. You can use these lessons for up to two years before replacing them.
  • Stopwatch – Training or just weight loss? These watches can help with one-hour countdowns, complete with an auto-repeat option and an hour-long stopwatch.

Whether you're a man or a woman, you'll enjoy all the unique features that you can get from Casio's G shock . If you are a woman, you can enjoy the traditional G-shock masculine mood and all the bells and whistles that you need and if you are a woman you can enjoy the same great qualities but feminine and colorful accessories.

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