The cultural differences between Thai women and Filipino women

Many of the Caucasian men who are looking for one of the women to date have a great and compelling need to compare them according to different perspectives. Not that they are usually better off in order to better understand what makes them unique and special, and makes them more attractive to the Westerners seeking marriage.

Comparing Thai and Filipino women – and fairer and more honest – it does not refer to the criteria but the merits of different things.


One of the first things, let's look at this comparison of religion. Both countries are very religious and this has a huge impact on how people are connected and basically that they are people as well. While the Philippines remains the largest Christian nation in Asia, Thailand's majority is Buddhist. This creates a great difference between these women. Thai women are more superstitious and less fanatical of their religion, while Filipino women tend to bring more sculptures into their favorite saints, and Roses hold a Bag and a hang on the rear mirror.

But this religious feature makes them very respectful and family friendly, as their faith dictates them.

Adaptability to Western Culture

Both countries have no problem with the West. The Philippines, who have been under US rule for years and an honest boss of good faith for Americans and Thailand, being a favorite center of the West, women from two countries will not be covered by a Western guest.

In fact, Westerners find it amazing that the pop culture of both nations has a strong western influence on everything. Vietnam or Indonesia, or even China, these two countries are more easily adapted to a foreign culture than their neighbors. An alien guy probably has no problem with the introduction of women into his home town; It is no surprise that you will enjoy it even more than anyone would expect.

English Language

Language plays a major role in interracial marriage. And this is where Filipino women get the advantage over their Thai counterparts. Most people in the Philippines, even in the so-called marginalized sector, speak English and continue the conversation like most Thai people.

A strange man finds in his comfort To date, a Filipino woman does not have the patience in other forms of silence and language misunderstanding. Thailand is a richer country than the Philippines, most foreign Men in a sense find Thai women. Thai women are more familiar with socialization and they see it! Some foreign men were afraid to teach Filipina their wives how to look and act in more social and urban life. Both females are beautiful and wonderful in their own – their thai and thymus, tall skulls and small eyes, as well as the Filipinos and their small bodies, their spongy bodies and their round, almonds of the eye. "

They also carry their own signatures of warmth and friendship: the more discreet type for the Thai and the rebellious and funniest Filipinos. For comparison to give more truth to these wonderful women, it takes more than merely general remarks, but actually experiences the encounter of women from both countries.

Source by Shelby Wood

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