The Commitment to Blogging in the World Today

If you're a completely passionate writer who looks forward to blogging as a career, there are things here that can help you kick your career. There are basically five types of bloggers on this planet:

The hobby

The kind of person who uses viewers for personal entertainment or entertainment purposes without intent Or the expectations of wages or benefits

b) Part-time

The kind of blogger who uses the blog to supplement the income

c) Entrepreneur

The person who creates a blog Your company to support great ideas and interaction with your users to improve your company's quality.

d) Corporate

] The person who works with the company on a full-time or part-time basis.

The person who blogs as a full time career

There is a common thing in bloggers mentioned above, blogging out of hobby. They're paying and explode! A full-time professional blogger who, for a long time, or even at short intervals, is particularly engaged in a joint business or business. Alternatively, you can work as a freelance blogger who publishes every blog post or article. Based on the option chosen, wages may change. For example, a freelance blogger can earn less on full-time professionals. Depending on the context of the job, this might be another option.

Structure of Wages

With a 1K blogger on one of the well-known blog site in 2012 He found that 17% are able to manage their lifestyle or support their family with their blogging career, while 81% Never make 100% of blogging. The other 2% blogs less than 2 hours a day, but more than $ 150,000. This depends on how well your blog posters are and what platform you work for blogging. Wages depend on how often you blog, the quality of your content, how competitive your topic is on the Internet and on the net, and how effective you are to attract a big audience and some luck.

Nothing is easy. All forms of work take time to become perfect and have a good and generous stability at one point. Blogging does not capture fame at the same time and it does not always have a falling chance. It can take months or even years to reach the desired situation, just like in any other area. So if blogging is your passion and career, you can start your career with all the right guidance and planning! Best luck!

Source by Achal Mehrotra

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