The best way to make money on your blog

If you have a successful blog and have many subscribers who are looking forward to high quality content – or if your blog is often shared through social media earning money on your blog is a reliably simple process.

Here are some quick and easy ways to monetize your existing blog:

# 1: Promoting Affiliate Products

The blog content is a reference affiliate product that you support . These can be promoted in content or at the focus of blog publishing, such as product review or approval.

# 2: Actions to Promote Your Activity

Cost-per-click or CPA is paid when a third party pays when a blog or site visitor performs a particular action, your e-mail address. You can find CPA bids through a number of CPA networks that you can add to our blog.

Some CPAs pay only a few cents for each blog reader to click through to the bid, while others pay more clicks per click. Bids can be directly related to the content of the blog or are completely independent.

# 3: Brand Placement

If you promote a particular brand or product on your blog, this is known as a brand placement. If you have lots of loyal subscribers, have expertise in your field or are very popular, often featured in the media, many advertisers will pay for the blog.

Generally, companies approach blogs or websites that want to put the brand or their products in place. But nothing prevents you from approaching companies and offers your ads on the blog content, especially if the blog is already popular.

# 4: Mailing List / Newsletter Sign-up Form

Add Archives / Newsletter Subscription Form to Your Blog. When people sign up, use the subscriber list to promote products and services or sell the list to other bloggers or Internet marketers.

Every online business wants access to large, more targeted e-mail lists. If you are dealing with titles that have been proven to be interested in the gap, all you have to do is use the auto answerer to handle an email marketing campaign to promote your own products or services or other marketers.

# 5: App Ads

If your blog is a standalone host, you can show as many ads as you want and keep all your profits. Fees charged to ads depend on how many regular subscribers and your reputation as a blogger

Ads can be placed at the top, margins, or bottom of the blog page. Advertisers can impress advertisers by impressions – that is, a certain amount on their 1000 publishers on your blog – or charge a full monthly fee.

# 6: Text Ads

Another type of ad you can sell on a self-hosted blog is a text ad. The links are placed inside the text and are double underscored to distinguish them from normal links. When a user clicks over the link, a pop-up ad is displayed that directs viewers to the advertiser's site or bid. Writing blogs to share their expertise with others is fun and rewarding. But there's no reason not to make money at the same time, especially because it does all the hard work and effort that will create, promote, and disseminate a high-quality, informative blog.

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