The best places to eat in Bangkok

A trip to Bangkok would not be the same without exploring the city's wide range of excellent dining options.

Tourists can choose from a variety of restaurants for budget budgets or just walk around the streets of Bangkok to taste the variety of food and fare from vendors selling wagons.

Those who like to sit down for a meal can find plenty of choice at the fingertips and a good starting point in Bangkok Chinatown. The area is always vibrant and should be able to discover some fabulous eateries while soaking up the fantastic atmosphere.

If you look a bit adventurous, the Scala Shark Fin Restaurant has many local delicacies that you might not be able to buy at home. As the name suggests, the shark contains delicious dishes as well as grilled suckling pigs. However, you can order more familiar foods, such as fried whole crabs with black pepper.

Offers a wide selection of international dishes, including Himali Cha Cha, where you can find the best Indian food in the region. One of the favorite items of the menus is the Chutniwalla lamb, although tourists who taste spicy foods say they like the Vindaloos varieties. For those who prefer a little milder, it is recommended to use dried fruits, nuts and yoghurt cooked chicken breast Kashmir.

If you are looking for a special night, you will find many luxury restaurants in Bangkok to give you a memorable experience.

Best Thai meals are available at Naj in the Bang Rak district, which offers a rich menu of original local specialties.

Tamarind sauce and hot and sour soup made from a mixture of citronrassal souffle, kaffir leaves, locusts and crab are all popular foods.

Another favorite item in the menu is dried stalk salad with minced pork and shrimp.

Alternatively, you will find a number of sites that provide Western cuisine if you feel a little homeown.

The Rib Room & Bar at Landmark Bangkok Hotel is such a restaurant, an excellent choice for steak and seafood. Signature dishes include Australian beef, salted scallops and foie gras terrine, making this a top-quality restaurant favorite for many tourists. The drinks menu is equally impressive, especially the selection of cocktails, many patrons chose Martini cocktails with their meals.

Italian cuisine is served by the luxurious Mezzaluna, which offers fine cuisine. The beautiful marbled matsuzaka beef is popular, just like the carefully cooked veal, while the parmesan-filled eggplant risotto is full of unforgivable. Food is only half of the entertainment, but in the cozy setting, with soft lighting, stylish desktop settings and fantastic views of Bangkok.

However, if you are looking for quick snacks, you can try out a variety of restaurants in the city.

Noodle carts are extremely common, offering a wide selection of pasta and accompaniment. These include its yai, its mii, its lacquer, bahmii and woon's pasta, which are made in different shapes and sizes and made from different types of flour. After you have selected the desired dough, you are asked whether you want them to be # 39; haeng & # 39; or & nbsp; The former means staying dry, while the latter means they come in soup. Make your own food by selecting one of the meat on the display to add to the dough and most suppliers will carry about 20 baht and 50 baht filling. If you're not sure the parts will be fine for you, add another 5 baht and get the dough "# 39; – extra.

A quicker and more cost-effective way to choose one of the rice rice stalls is simply to show the curry type you want, and in a few seconds you will add a portion of the rice

are available when you have more time in your hand, allowing you to ask the foods you want and cook before you.

Thai-style omelettes, garlic and pepper mixed pork and fried rice are all popular among tourists.

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