The best places for yacht charters in Thailand – Phuket

There are two different realities that are called Phuket in Thailand. One is an island, the other is a city on the same island, but both have a common thing: a flawless reputation among the gliding circles and tourists, usually in the beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and perfect beaches. Which most travelers think when traveling to an exotic Far East.

Phuket is not only one of Thailand's largest islands, it is one of the richest provinces, which has to do with the thriving yacht charters in the region. Another factor may be that the island is located on the Andaman Sea, in Phang Nga Bay, one of the wildest and most beautiful places in Southeast Asia.

The island's most popular venue and not just for charter cruise ships, the city of Phuket, which is also the main economic center that does not mention the main tourist stop. For a tourist resort, this is the history of the city, which dates back to ancient times, but continues until the mid-century construction boom.

Do not go to find concrete and steel buildings, because fortunately the local people have taken on the architectural features of Portuguese colonies, but have retained their original Asian style, looking for charter groups of ships.

In terms of accessibility, Phuket is within easy reach, as it operates at its own airport, Phuket International Airport in the north of the island, opposite the city. south side. Their distance is approx. 32 km, the car is usually half an hour away, but it is advisable to rent a car because the local public transport is the best.

After entering the city, you want to start with a little sightseeing and the best place to be when we are Western tourists in the Chinese district. Here you will not only find a world that has become like it, but also the colorful and beautiful Jui Tui and Put Jaw temples, not to mention the Phuket Cultural Museum and the Cultural Center. like a local university.

After completing the acquisition of the city, it is a good idea to take some things home. The good news is that you can do this in the Chinese district, where you will find not only big shops and halls, but also typical local markets that are much more colorful, noisy and "more authentic" if you are looking for a real Thai experience.

As far as the kitchen is concerned, Phuket is usually a place where you can get a good price and the best place to start a restaurant hunt is in the city center. The only thing we can comment on is that it can sometimes be difficult to read or understand the menu. If you do not want to try the local specialties as much as you advised, stick to the international menu.

As the night falls on Phuket's beaches and streets, the atmosphere becomes more colorful and vibrant. However, for a real party experience, you must go to the city of Patang next door. If you don't feel comfortable in the city just for a good night, simply go to the central region of Phuket, where you will find some nice clubs and bars, some British and Irish pubs, where many yacht charter fans hang out.

Source by Felix Wolf

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