The Best Celebration of the International Beer Festival

The International Beer Festival (IBD) is the Universal Celebration of Beers and is celebrated on the first Friday of August. This festival was founded in Santa Cruz, California, and started as a small event starting in 2007, with 200 cities, 50 countries and six continents growing to more than 200 countries worldwide.

His lovers worldwide digest brides and bartenders the toast and celebrate the existence of the drink. The highlight of this exciting festival is the unique experience and the wide variety of beer. Renewing and sharing the brewery's way, as well as various ways of enjoying the pint, are part of the festival. This is the time for beer lovers to gather under a roof and enjoy the best beer from all over the world. Below is a list of some of the brasserie lovers pilgrimage and the best places of "International Beer." [Prague, Czech Republic]

When Prague was surprised to pay more for water and less For beer. In the 10th century beer brewing took place for the first time in the city, and today it is the largest beer consumer in the world. The city is the favorite place for beer lovers. Grab Air France flights deals and explore this magical city and enjoy the thousand year old fascination. Do not miss the opportunity to visit U Fleku, which is a micro lease cum bar and a restaurant that has been serving the exclusive Dark Lager for over 500 years.

Pilsen, located in the outskirts of Prague Where Pilsner Pale Lager comes from. Here you can try the beer-conditioned, non-pasteurized beer, which resembles the 19th century version of beer.

Places Go – U Fleck & Pilsen

$ 1.49

Munich, Germany

Take LOT Polish Airlines flights to explore one of Germany's most advanced cities. When you get to know the exotic beer in Munich, discover the picturesque Alps and visit the birthplace of BMW. Here is the world-famous 16-day Oktoberfest Munich. The Beer Festival has nearly 6 million beer lovers consuming more than 7 million liters of beer per year.

In Munich, Germany is one of the most visited places in international beer as beer is considered to be an essential element of Munich's cultural and culinary heritage. If you can not go to the Oktoberfest, take a spot at the Augustiner-Keller Biergarten, one of Munich's oldest brewery.

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Standard price for a pint: $ 3.41

Also in Dublin, Ireland, Portland in the United States, London in the UK, Tokyo in Japan, Asheville in North Carolina, USA and Amsterdam in the Netherlands some of the most beautiful cities to visit and celebrate the International Beer Day

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