The best 5 hotels in Sukhumvit Bangkok

Selecting and choosing a hotel will be all about the location, location and location of the hotel. The city of Bangkok, the Sukhumvit quarter, is simply about being the place. If you stay here you will stay in the heart of Bangkok. The Sukhumvit Quarter is a distinguished area where many Thai and foreign wives are doing well. He soon followed the posh stores, the super department stores, and the excellent clubs and bars that help Bangkok's wealthy citizens.

There are two red luminaires in the Sukhumvit area and the Sukhumvit road connects. They are called Nana and Soi Cowboy. Both are just 10-15 minutes' walk away and vice versa. You can also find the best clubs and discos in Bangkok at Sukhumvit. So, as you can guess, this area is a very popular area where visitors from all over the world can stay.

Located in the Sukhumvit district, there are many different benefits in Bangkok. There is a train system that calls the BTS Sky Train running over Sukhumvit Road. Sky Train has several stations in Sukhumvit and travels around 70% of Bangkok's major attractions. Fast, easy, inexpensive and most important is that in Bangkok there are often hot and humid clients. There are many other transport options in the area of ​​Sukhumvit, such as taxis and tuk tuk.

Hotels in the Sukhumvit district are very different for the price. There are no cheap hotels, but you can get a very good local hotel for $ 40, and the prices include a buffet breakfast. Many well-known international business hotels are located on Sukhumvit Road, such as the JW Marriott, the Westin and the Sheraton. These hotels spend more, but are still affordable compared to Western standards. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to stay in a large hotel room in Bangkok. Many popular Bangkok hotels along Sukhumvit, between $ 40USD – $ 60USD, are included in the budget range. The use of these rates may include guests' access to swimming pools, saunas and a fitness center. In the 95% of Sukhumvit hotels there is a free daily breakfast. Below you can find the names of some very popular and affordable hotels in Sukhumvit Bangkok.

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  • Suites
  • Salil Hotel
  • Here's a last tip you can find very useful. If you sign up for a hotel, it is best to dress as well as you can. Do not enter the tank top and the shorts. The Thai people see a well-dressed guest of someone who is higher in social order. The higher the social order, the more respect and attention you get. Even casual clothes go far. Dressing can surprise you by updating a room.

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