The Art of Using a Thai WC

So, you feel in Thailand and feel you want to take advantage of the bathroom … Fortunately, most hotels, restaurants and bars in the tourist areas will be good with the old western toilet . Outside the tourist areas you see is what you get, especially if you visit a Thai home. The traditional Thai toilet is a squatting toilet that looks pretty simple at first glance. Pull off your pants, snapping and finishing. Well, if you have never used part 2 and 3 the instructions may be a bit tough if you are not straightforward.

One when was the last time you squatted doing something? I think you see that the Westerners are convinced that they (mostly men) do not cuddle, and if they are good ties, it's time to find out that there is not 2 pm in a bar after we have received the Som Tam, which is best described as a class lighter … rabbit. The next thing you see is the barrel (sometimes a bucket or a small well) that is full of water and has a small bank floating. , this is my friend's rinsing mechanism. Simply enough, pour water into the hole and everything disappears, but you noticed that there is no toilet paper? The saw barrel has a dual purpose. The small pot is also used to be clean. Does not the update sound? Even in most Thai toilets you will find toilet paper, but there will be no time when you will not.

If you have to find yourself in a situation where you have no choice and you have to go away, make sure you get the time or things you can get really uncomfortable. Even better if you can take your time, find a western toilet. If you find that you have no choice and do not go according to plans … you can always use a little bucket with a bucket of water! Another thing we will notice with every western blanket is the hose connector on the wall next to the toilet with a sprayer. This bond is exactly like a home kitchen sink and is used in the same way, but apparently not for food. Though Thailand has been a long way from the point of view of infrastructure, the sewer network is still very bad. The sprayer will be clean and will help reduce the amount of toilet paper used. You will usually see a table in all Thai suites, in which you should ask not to rinse the toilet paper, but put it in the enclosed waste bin. Please use the waste because the output, if not, will not be pleasant.

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