The Art and Advantages of Vlogging

While the world became familiar with the term "blogging" and many people understand that blogging and the owner of a blog site, the world is still relatively ignorant of the term "Vlogging" and that what is the point, not to mention how to make a viable financial component or even an anchor component of a content creation company. In fact, when I started writing this article, I actually had to enter the word "Vlogging" in the online Word dictionary, otherwise it would appear underlined red lines every time I wrote the word.

is actually just the use of blogs against the use of videos versus text. And yet, it is much more than a conceptual definition. By using videos, consumers not only read the words that people put on their "blog" sites to discuss their daily thoughts, passions and interests. "Vlogging" is the creation of the full life of a person who creates "Vlog". When he looks at a Vlog entry, he often penetrates the creator's life completely. You see how vlogger, expressions, their house, their car or surroundings, and even their family look. You can find out more about a person like a 500-1000 word or a blog post or an article you could show at any time.

The other day surfed on the Social Blade and it happened that I went to this section to see who the current 500 best YouTube content producers are. This page allows you to view results and latest videos. Some of these were literally surprised to see how many of these top top manufacturers in YouTube were Vloggers who let go to show them the kids who play in the snow banks, their pets playing with each other, or doing funny things. the camera has books or movies, makeup apps, video games and more. The first goal was fun. Sharing knowledge was the second target

These people shared the same degree of sharing of knowledge and insight, discussing products, games, and so on. who felt confident and all were extremely successful on the internet. Their creation not only received 100 views, but also won 10 thousands of views and even millions of views.

Since I understood this expression tool over the past year, I began to notice it through the Internet. Vlogs are embedded in blog posts, on Pinterest, on Facebook, on Twitter, in articles published online, and in fact, although the term is not familiar to most, Vlogs can be found anywhere on the web. The term "Selfies" is another new word that I had to add to the Microsoft Word dictionary recently, but the new world "Mobile Smart Technologies" and related applications for these tools shared the self-images and "selfie" videos with their friends and audiences. easily, from anywhere. You can also post videos that you create during the tour, directly to your blog without having to go home!

For business applications, this is still in the early stages of many companies, but I'm looking for more than the next big marketing wave for many companies. Nowadays, individuals can live their lives very comfortably through the Internet. Tomorrow, more and more people are seeing companies in this medium, so their marketing weapons have to learn how to make strategies that are oriented to this type of media

So what is my personal formulation and what are my tips for the Vlogging medium? Learn how to do it and be content with it. As a private individual or blogger, who wants to get more from his home business, discover this medium. You can make money with this. Tips I'd share with what I've learned about this medium so far?

  • The first goal is to entertain, the second goal is to share knowledge and the third goal is to share your life in some way.
  • When you create vlogs, share them and send them to different social media platforms. YouTube is now making it extremely easy to distribute images in a high-quality, one-button click
  • Don't be afraid to share yourself. You don't have to be a star star or a movie star to shoot and share who you are. Viewers are happy to see everyone. In fact, every day, I think that ordinary people living in normal life are as interesting as celebrities. Look at the TV's successes today – even in the attic, cellar, storage unit, etc.

The world today has a huge appetite for entertainment. Millions of people are looking for content on their phones when they go to work, take a break on their day, or relax at home. The videos you create are now being monitored on your phone, tablet, computer, and TV. The beginning of creation and people start to pay attention. Get good and make a living from it – maybe even a great one.

Source by Dan Grijzenhout

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