The 7 Most Popular Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Guitar Tunes

In addition to traditional tuning, there are a variety of guitar tunes in Rock and Metal music. Guitarists of this genre want to use these melodies because they give them more difficult and darker sound.

Some popular sounds are Dropped D, Dropped C, Dropped B, E Flat, D, C and Open G. Here are the descriptions of tuning tones and some bands that use them .

D – Tuning:

E ——– – Row 1

B ———- Row 2

G ———- Third line

D – ——— Line 4

A —– —– Line 5

D ———- 6th line (thickest)

This tuning allows you to play chord chords with one finger the lowest three strings, resulting in dark tones. If the music does not fit in with this dark tone, you can place a cap in chips 2 and you can still play the chords easily.

Some bands that use Dropped D Tuning:

Dropped C Tuning:

D —- – —- 1. string

A ———- second string

F ———- Third string

C ———- Line 4

G ———- Line 5

C ——– – -6. Thread (thickest)

Slider C tuning is D-throw D, each string has taken a whole step. Dropped C tuning results in very low and heavy sound, and is used by a number of new Heavy Metal bands.

Some bands with Dropped C tuning are:

30 Seconds to Mars, Atreyu, Buckethead, My Valentine Bullet, Bodom Children, Godsmack, Bad Religion, Metallica, Mudvayne, POD, Papa Roach, Rammstein, Shadows Fall, System of a Down, Three Days Grace and Ozzy Osbourne


C # ———- first string

G # ———- second string

E — ——- string 3

B ———- Line 4

F # ——— Line 5

B ———- Row 6 (Most Thick)

This tuning will require heavier gauge strings to be effective. You also need to expand the cord grooves and adjust the tension on the guitar neck.

Some bands using Dropped B tuning: Audioslave, Limp Bizkit, Machine Head, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and Stone Sour


Eb ——— String 1

Bb ——– -2nd String

Gb ——— third string

Db ——— Line 4

Ab —- —– 5 Line

Eb ——— Line 6 (thickest)

This tuning for Standard tuning has turned down. There are some reasons why bands use this tuning instead of standard tuning. One of the reasons is that it is harder to use heavy tapes. By tuning half a staircase, it's easier to ease these heavy measuring tapes. Another reason why some bands use this tuning is to encourage the voice of their singers.

Eb tuning bands:

Alice in Chains, Anthrax, Dream Theater, Guns N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Megadeth, Slayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stone Sour, Van Halen, Weezer and Yngwie Malmsteen


——- string 1

A —- —— second string

F ———- 3rd string

C ———- Line 4

G ———- Line 5

D ——– – 6. string (thickest)

AD tuning throughout it is also known as a falling tuning, and as you probably figured it was, Standard Tuning tuned to a whole step. The D tuning is mainly made in Heavy Metal music.

AD Tuning Bands:

Alice in Chains, The Beatles, Bullet for My Valentine, Bob Dylan, Dream Theater, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Racer X and Soundgarden

C Tuning:

G ———- second string

Eb ——— third string

Bb ——- – row 4

F ———- 5 Row

C ———- Row 6 (Most Thick)

AC Tuning produces low sound that is mostly used by Hard Rock and Metal. Tuning is 2 steps under Standard Tuning, which gives a heavy tone while maintaining the same intervals as standard tuning.

Atreyu, Black Sabbath, Bullet For My Valentine, Deftones, Dream Theater, Jimi Hendrix, POD, Stone Age Queens, Slipknot, Steve Vai and The Who

G Tuning:

—— 1st string

B ———- second string

G ———- Third row

D ———- Line 4

G —— —- Line 5

D ——— G-Tuning is one of the most popular alternative guitar tunes.

Some G-tuning bands: The Rolling Stones, Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam.

This is just a few alternative guitar tuners available for experimentation. Play them and see what sounds fit your music style.

Source by Johnny Stall

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