The 5 Most Effective Herbs and Spices for Building Muscle

Certain herbs and spices promote muscle growth by increasing body's testosterone levels and improving body stress responses. These healthy flavors to your daily diet not only help maintain the body, but also contribute to other health goals such as disease prevention, faster healing, increased stamina, improved bodily functions and many more! If you want to increase your muscle mass, here are 5 herbs and spices that you should consume: The ginseng herb is very ideal for gymnastics and gastronomy. Bodybuilders because it helps the body adapt to physical stress by supporting muscle synthesis. Like all adaptogenic herbs, ginseng helps the body cope with the normal body movement without affecting appetite, mood and sleep. According to National Health Institutions, ginseng helps increase energy levels, improve heart health and improve feelings of well-being.


A herb that contributes greatly to muscle building. An excellent protein source that contains about 25-30 grams of protein per 100 grams. Flax seeds are also loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including essential fatty acids, called alpha linolenic acid, which is known to increase muscle insulin sensitivity. Regular consumption of linseed gives bodybuilders better oxygen utilization, increased energy levels and faster healing.


This powerful herb is known to stimulate anabolic activity and muscle protein synthesis. This is an ideal herb that needs to be taken after the workout routine because it contains enzymes and proteins that are essential to muscle conditions.

Black Pepper

This Superbush is known to provide long-term health care to your body. It contains the piperin compound used in ancient times to relieve joint and muscular pain and fatigue. In addition to effective healing properties, black pepper also increases the ability of the body to absorb essential nutrients from the food we consume. Another remarkable spice when it comes to the building block is ginger.

This common household ingredient is packed with gingerbread, which have been found to effectively relieve aching muscles and increase healing by up to 25 percent after training. Ginger is very ideal for athletes and bodybuilders because it greatly contributes to the oxygen supply and nutrition of the body when it is most needed.

Whether gymnastic or not, 5th regular intake Muscle building herbs and spices are a sure way for a healthier and more bodied body!

Source by Adrian T. Cheng

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