The 5 Best Street Food Servants for Food-lovers around the world

Looking for information on the best foods before planning a trip to a country? Do you like to sample new and unique dishes every time you visit the new place? Is there someone who can stop the convenience of the table service in the street side street or in the booth? If so, then I would say that you are reading the right information. In this article, I've put up five of the most important culinary ghosts around the globe offering delicious street food all aptly tempt and thrill.

Istanbul, Turkey

Almost every European city can be seen serving the urgent Turkish jungle kebabs for people. However, Istanbul, one of the largest cities in Turkey is the center of fast food shops where special storks are scattered across the city of Istanbul without circumventing any common points. Simit (freshly baked sesame bread with molasses dipped in), Balik's (usually fish slices), Lahmcun (often turkish pizza for visitors) and Kumpir (fried potatoes such as casserole cheese, ketchup, maize, mayonnaise, vegetables, olives, ) is one of the best street food in 19459002 that people find it difficult to withstand their seductive scent and tastes.

Mexico City, Mexico

This is a bad luck if you are in Mexico City and you do not get a chance to admire Maxican's capital. The place offers a lot more than the spicy taco. Get ready to decorate your taste buds with a variety of dishes that not only taste but elegantly decorated from the start of the wonderful city to the scattered food stalls. The huge metropolis boasts a number of kiosks and taqueria (19459006) specializing in street snacks (19459006), such as Tostadas (fried tortillas with a variety of delicacies), Tortas (Mexican sandwiches), Elotes and Flautas (flute-shaped rolled corn tortilla) street food that was smashed from appetites from various parts of the world. Tacos al pastor in El Huequito, Tacos de guisados ​​at Taqueria El Guero, Grilled Meat-tacos in Los Parados and El Borrego Viudo late night tacos are some taco-cornerers that you can not afford, if you are a taco lover. When you talk about quality street food towns, the list is not complete without Thailand, street food lovers are the number one destination

]. This wonderful city has more than one hundred dining zones where you can have some delicious meals while standing on their feet or sitting on the roadside. Those who are sweet will be in the world of sweets and desserts in Bangkok, with pasta and grilled. Fried bananas, mango sticky rice and palm trees handle some of the famous Thai desserts around the world. Som Tam (papaya salad), Guay Teow (Thai pasta soup), Pad Thai (fried shrimp, tofu and tamarinda), Moo ping (popular grilled meat, etc.), your trip. It would be wrong to say that Ben Thanh and Binh Tay "" Saigon, another name for the city of Ho Chi Minh City. "

You will have the opportunity to taste delicious meals that are the perfect combination of French colonial cooking methods. Additionally, the city's street food is added to Southeast Asian spices and spices. Like the popular sour soup if you want to try or treat (French colonial influenza sandwiches) you want nosh, banh xeo (stuffed regional pancakes) you love or bo la lotot (beef leaf) the city is an ideal place for custom culinary tours . Never forget to celebrate some fine spring rolls, coconut milk with crunchy biscuits and seafood, some of Saigon's special street restaurants. Marrakech, Morocco

Overflowing draperies, hookahs and ceramic tagines the generations of old bazaars in Marrakech (commonly known as Morocco) are home to some internationally recognized chefs who bring delicious meals with special spices, cereals and tasteful meats. Of course, you will enjoy olives and quality spices such as saffron, cinnamon etc. In Djemaa el Fna you can easily find food shows that offer sandwiches, seasoned meats and most of the traditional Moroccan soup made of tomatoes and chickpeas Harira . Roast lamb, shwarma, special kebabs and more can be consumed quickly. Do not forget to find a handful of dry fruits and nuts while walking down the local streets of the majestic city of Marrakech

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