Thailand's Cultural Tips – How to Make a Farang in Thailand

I never dreamed that I was finally living as a tail in Thailand. But here I am and a very good life. If you have a similar idea floating around your head (eg. You think you can come and have a holiday or stay in Thailand), then I got news for you. You will also have a farang. So what will this article do to show you how to make a farang and give me a basic idea of ​​what is going on in Thai culture.

The first thing, regardless of what and how you think, will be to hear the Thai people in & quot; farang & # 39; describes you. I advise you not to worry too much about it and look at it a) Thai culture and b) polite way to look different!

From & quot; farang & # 39; the & quot; farangset & # 39; which means France. You can always complain until you choose blue on your face that you are not from France, so you are not a farang. But … in Thailand this doesn't work. Actually, it's quite simple. If you are western or Thailand, you are a farang. So the faster you can accept this, the easier it will be to live in Thailand!

The thing you do not want to do is swear to a farang. Now I knew the farangs (I'm sorry, Westerners or foreigners!). But frankly, you can't fight Thai culture because that's what it is. It is best to accept the situation because a Thai person can spend a simple, or pen-like, & # 39; or & # 39; it's cool. & # 39; (Okay).

In fact, if anything, the simple expression is rai & amp; 39; maybe the final advice & # 39; to live in Thailand. You can really take this expression into your heart, not because it is used so often, but because it is really a great indicator of the life of Thais. In many ways, it is a true reflection of Thai culture.

Now, if there is no point at all now, don't worry too much. Whenever you ever come to Thailand you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Source by Martin Hurley

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