Thailand's Cheap Destinations

Thailand is coming from tourists from neighboring countries, and even because of its rich and unique culture in Europe. Hotels for backpackers and cheap meals make it an ideal place for a practical globetrotter. Here are some suggestions for things that tourists can enjoy in Thailand.

1. The Great Palace is a compelling sight in Bangkok. The huge ancient complex was the official residency of the kings of Thailand from 1782 to 1925. Although the palace site is still known, kings use only the place of events and celebrations. Keep in mind that before entering the holy places, at the entrance you can rent small scarves and cool Asian pants for a small fee.

2. Thailand's elephant shrines are visible in almost every city. If a tourist chooses to experience Bangkok, then the most popular is Samphran Elephant Farm. The elephants were able to ride and nourish them. Elephants dance and show off the audience. Perhaps the most amazing part is when elephants paint an image.

3. There are many floating markets in Thailand and the most popular are Amphawa. This ancient practice of passing through the village through the village broke through the modern era and time. You can sail a boat and swim on the river, which is crowded with other fruit and food ships.

4. Buying is one of the greatest joy in Thailand. The best and cheaper shopping mall is in Pratunam, Bangkok, where you can buy at any price at wholesale prices. A good tip is that the total sales price is about 40% cheaper than purchasing a product; and that the same three pieces are considered to be wholesale quantities.

5. Thai food is incredibly cheap and wonderfully delicious. A generous meal for four dishes and plenty of rice costs the family about 1,000 Baht or 32 dollars. If you want to experience real Thai meals, the food centers in the halls will surely satisfy your mouth, stomach and budget. The sweetest tropical fruits are abundant in the streets, sold by the sellers at very favorable prices.

6. If this night life, you will have a lifelong party. Khao San Road is a whole night and a day-long party street where tourists mix with locals, watch live bands and drink at night.

Source by Heather J Scott

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