Thailand's Beauty

Smile Land, Thailand is a magical country. Hundreds of islands and capitals make the visitors unique. Every traveler is pampered according to their budget and wants to explore this wonderful country. It has world-famous sights. Because of the tasty cuisine, shopping, entertainment and attractions, all travelers were pampered. Breaking beaches, beautiful and impressive temples, modern city town, Thailand is a treasure where you can not be bored. Get ready to seduce this exotic Thailand.

  • Swimming to the Market

Thailand's floating markets are lively, exciting, and provide insight into local culture. The Damnoen Saduak floating market is the largest and most popular. The market is about 100 km outside Bangkha. It's a good way to start exploring the country's beautiful pearls this morning. The narrow canals and small wooden houses are photogenic. A long boat boat is waiting for guests with food, gifts and souvenirs, clothes and fresh products. You can have breakfast on the market, serving different dishes: pasta bowls, fresh fruits, fried rice, spring rolls, coconut pancakes and so on.

  • Escape to Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a fascinating place with stunning beaches, great Buddha and various excursions. Chaweng is the most advanced and famous beach with 5km gold sand. The island enjoys many nightlife and offers plenty of entertainment. From delicious street food to 5 star meals, there is a choice for your tastes. Spend the local mood in the store. Discover the specialness of bargaining.

  • Thai Massage

The Thai massage in Thailand is the most inexperienced experience. This massage style is popular and unique worldwide. Thai massage puts emphasis on pressure points and increases body. The treatment begins with the legs and moves upward towards the head. They use methods such as rhythmic fillings and maneuvers to relieve and re-energize the energies in the body. Different pressures are applied to the whole body of energy bars, with aurethane principles that balance energy. Each city and small town has a number of massage parlors, and prices are low compared to home.

  • One way to Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a mere beauty that is choking on everyone's imagination. Stunning beach, beautiful rock formation, quiet, clean and turquoise waters seductively seductive sea life. It has a dynamic and vibrant night. It has world-class diving and rock climbing. The classic classic "The Beach" and James Bond's classic Leonardo DiCaprio were fired here.

  • Let go of some street food

Gastronomic dream, Thailand's street food is one of Thailand's most basic experiences. Wherever you go, there are plenty of restaurants. Wonderful to walk on the street and safe. You can see what we are cooking and fresh. You are involved with locals, with authentic touch. Food is delicious and low in cost. Every night you can have the same spot and enjoy a variety of food. Street food is a unique and clear way to get in touch with local culture.

  • Thailand's White Stems

"Wat Rong Khun", the White Temple is eye-catching. It is a unique, modern Buddhist temple, a 20-minute drive south of Chiang Mai. The Thai artist formulated and built Ajarn Chalermchai Moussep . The artist presented a surreal representation of what he thinks, hindering the path of enlightenment. Use of glasses in plaster glows in sun rays. The white color represents the purity of the Buddha, the glass transmits the Buddha's wisdom and the Dhamma from the Buddhist teachings. His designs do not have the traditional style of Buddhist temples throughout Thailand. You see the style of Thrones Game's forces.

  • Koh Phangan

The peaks of the stunning island are definitely undeniable. The beautiful beaches with powdered soft sand and a dense jungle are the hat trick on the island. Koh Phangan is a synonym for the party. Every month, more than a thousand people spell the Full Moon Party when the moon is full. The spiritual side of the island has 20 temples and a small fishing village with peaceful and unique air. The island is full of adventures and outdoor activities: diving, snorkelling, Angthong Marine Park, kiteboarding and yoga

  • Explore Sukhothai with bicycle

Sukhothai means the dawn of happiness. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it has many historic sites and church ruins. The first attraction is the Sukhothai Historical Park. While visiting the region, try some time in the nearby Si Satchanalai Historical Park. The invisible temple temples Wat Mahathat and the giant sat in Buddha at Wat Si Chum. Finally, try the popular pasta named Kuay thiao in Sukhothai.

  • Chiang Mai

Thailand's intellectual capital is the generosity of the temple, and many other activities have to be experienced in Chiang Mai.

  • Barcode through the Jungle : The Zip Lining is an intelligent way to view Chiang Mai's forests without long walks. Be a gibbon to the sun and dig it through the trees.
  • Playing with Elephants : In an hour from the center of Chiang Mai, Elephant Nature Park is an elephant sanctuary where visitors can play, nourish, and bathe these awesome creatures. This is terrifying.
  • Temple hopping : There are about 200 churches in Chiang Mai. Release your inner self and seek enlightenment. Wat Chiang Man Wat Chedi Luang Wat Chedi Luang Wat Prathat Doi Suthep Wat Phra Tao
  • Night shopping spree : more exciting than night. Many streets are shut down, and they are full of transporters and booths. So much to see, to do and to eat. Various materials are available.
    • Try Cooking Class

    Thai food is an absolute ecstasy. The sweet, spicy and salty balance in the same dish. This is a nice combination. The food is healthy, full of flavors and color. Almost every meal uses fresh herbs, spices and fermented fish. The Thai cuisine is nourishing as it uses fresh vegetables, lean meats and seafood. Thai cuisine is easy to learn and the food is deserved there.

    • Check out the boxing agreement

    Thailand is the birthplace of Muay Thai. Thailand's national sport. If you're an athletic fan, then you have to experience watching the thrill and the electric mood of the stadium. Muay Thai is widespread around the world, attracting visitors and travelers. All cities and towns are Muay Thai Stadium, but the best and largest venues can be found in Bangkok. Experience the authentic fight in Thailand.

    Thailand is an addictive and eco-friendly destination. It's a lot of surprise and offers everything from seductive beaches, seductive culture, great shopping and mouth-watering cuisine. Local people are friendly and immediately approach everyday life. Thailand is a colorful country in many ways. It is worthwhile and dynamic to make your trip as you explore this lively country with the huge range of activities.

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