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This article selected the outstanding Thai visas that are of special interest to foreigners

1. One-year multiple-entry immigration visa

This one-year visa allows you to spend 90 days for each entry in the one-year period. If you want to stay in Thailand for more than 90 days, you just need to cross the border or leave Thailand and return to the 90-day Visa renewal. It is not difficult to prolong your stay, just cross the border and when the immigration officer proves your visa in your passport. Automatically stamp a visa in your passport. This means that the visa has already been extended. You can travel to Thailand's neighboring countries or return to Thailand immediately.

With this one-year non-immigrant visa you can obtain a work permit from the overseas country and apply for Business Visa in Thailand or if you are eligible; You can also convert this to a retirement or marriage visa when you are in Thailand, giving you a one-year break in Thailand.

In addition, if you use the visa for an additional 3 months before the last time, the total validity of the one-year visa will be almost 15 months

2. Business visa

All a foreigner wishing to work / work in Thailand is required to submit the following documents from companies, subsidiaries or institutions in Thailand:

2.1. they will participate with them

2.2 Business Registration

2.3 List of Shareholders

2.4 Company Profile

2.5 Details of your business

2.6 Company Map

2.7 List of foreign workers

2.8 Balance Sheet, Income Tax Statement (Por Ngor Dor 50) and Business Tax (Por Ngor Dor 30) for the Last Year

3. Retired Visa

Can apply for a retirement visa in Thailand must have the financial evidence:

3.1 THAILAND BANK SHOWS 800,000 THB (must be able to show evidence) transfer money to Thai bank account and deposit this money for at least 3 months on your bank account. OR

3.2 OPPORTUNITY FOR 65,000 / MONTHLY (the embassy should send a letter) to certify the pension and government or social security letter. Both documents must be certified by the Embassy in Bangkok.

If you do not have a pension, I suggest you open a Thai bank account as soon as possible, because I recommend that you deposit at least 800,000 Bahts or more on your Thai bank account for 90 days before retiring for a retired visa. You should then ask the Thai bank to issue the certified letter and present the proof of the money transfer to the immigration office upon entry of the visa application.

Retired visa, first we help you get a 90-day immigrant visa, we send you a questionnaire for the visa application. You will then have to respond to our personal information on the application form. In the next step, we will send you the documents you have prepared and print them, sign your name on our prepared application form, and other documents before sending your passport and documents to the Thai Consulate in your country, as we say. You can get a visa stamped on your passport within a week after the Thai consulate has received the visa application documents. When you arrived in Thailand with a 90-day visa, we will accompany you to the Bangkok Embassy to receive your pension insurance letter. After receiving the certified letter, you only have to wait until your 90 days expire at least 3-4 weeks before it expires. The last step, we go with you at the Immigration Office and with the financial evidence to cover a 90-year non-immigrant visa for a one-year retirement visa

4. Marriage visa

at least 40,000 Bahts per month.


– Must have a marriage certificate

. ]

– 40,000 Baht per month income.

For financial evidence, you can choose from

4.1. Possibility for work in Thailand:

4.2. Possibility to work outside Thailand: You must submit a certified income statement from the Embassy. You may be asked to send a letter or other documents from your employer to support your income statement, such as: bank statements.

4.3. Opportunity In case of spouse's income: The spouse is obliged to give

Similar to the procedure for processing the visa, the pensioner's visa is similar. We'll help you get a 90-day immigrant visa from your country before moving to Marriage Visa upon arrival in Thailand.

5. Education visa

In order to apply for an education visa, you must submit the original acceptance / invitation letter from schools, universities or institutions of the Kingdom of Thailand, in which you must provide the applicant's name, passport number, the latest educational background and duration. The course. The applicant must also provide schools / universities or institutional records certified by the Director.

As with the above-mentioned information, I hope that you have the right visa. However, if you are looking for another type of Thailand or are interested in using the service, please contact the Siamese visa (Thailand) with the following contact details:

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