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Having lived in Bangkok for more than a year, I have learned a lot about the Thai people I want to share with other foreigners living here. First, you have to accept that Eastern culture is different. Eastern people are less emotional and polite, and although they know that Western people are different, they are often uncomfortable when we wander from their standards. Things I found important are listed in the following order:

Be polite – The Thai people are polite, above all polite. Their language has politeness in it. If you follow what we consider to be a "common yard", it will be fine.

Thai King – The Thai people love King Rama. Never show any disrespect to her or the royal family. The Thai people deeply respect the royal family, and the visitor must respect the king and the queen and royal children. When you participate in a public event where you are a member of the royal family, the best guide on how to watch the crowd and do what you do.

t Undressed violence against tourists is very rare, but it pays for common sense.

National Religion – Buddhism is Thai religion, where nearly 95% of Thailand's population is Buddhist. All Buddha images can be considered sacred, and there are laws that prevent these images from personal adoration.

Buddhist Monks – Buddhist monks are quickly recognized by their shaved heads, bear feet, and light orange cloaks. It is forbidden for women to touch Buddhist monks, which includes a woman who gives something to a monk, first to give a man who gives the object to the monk. Western men can never try the monks.

Buddhist Temple – Weaving shoes around the temple are acceptable, but must be removed when entering the temple (the area where the Buddha image is held).

Be Quiet – Loud people are considered to be uncertain. Talk softly and laugh out loud. Of course, there are common places such as bars, celebrations and parks that are loud and appropriate.

Greetings – We can welcome the western eye in Thailand. The basic gesture is putting hands together, fingers up, with a little bow on the head. The words "behold dee (krup)" (or "kaw" for women) are spoken under the fm bow. It is more complicated for the Thai people, on three levels, based on age and position, but Westerners who are trying to understand this greeting are not expected. (levels: 1. Monk, touch of thumb forehead durin bow; 2. same age or older, thumb touch lips; and 3. younger person, thumb touching chin.)

Food in Thailand in general HOT, spicy HOT. Most Westerners cannot handle the amount of chili spice that Thai people feel. For the westerners visiting foreigners, the best tip I can give them is to ask for food to be less spicy. Based on your preferences, two terms should be used: 1) "today's ped" – not spicy and 2) "ped nit noi" – a bit spicy. The food is awesome in Thailand, and this tip will help you enjoy it even better. In the near future I will publish a description of my favorite food. Stay with us.

Street Food – There is an old Thai saying: a little dirt makes the food a little finer (rough translation). I live according to local regulations, according to the "thumb rule" that works well in Bangkok, this rule is simple, but you have to stick to what we cook before you. “This ensures that the food is completely cooked for more time before you eat.

Body Odor – The Thai people almost never smell bad and find others offensive.

– If you go to Thailand during the Thai holidays and celebrations, you have to be ready for many people. According to Western experience, the volume of these areas can be incredible. Be prepared to push and push and note that they are not harm. The position of personal spaces is quite different from that of the West.

Look where you are going – The pavements of Bangkok are uneven and full of obstacles, pay attention to them. There are many stray dogs on the streets; dogs are not aggressive but leave the mines on the pavement.

Taxi drivers – Most taxi drivers work well. Usually it is always better to use measured taxis. Tuktuks are always more expensive and there are many smog on the road in Bangkok. If we go a long way, negotiate … Also, the taxis are "We love Farang, we speak English" and most of them are not. They have a radio that has a small English person.

Film Theater – After the advertisement and right before the film, the reverence of the King of Thailand comes and everyone respects.

Driving In Thailand – If you are brave and decide to drive yourself around Thailand, don't be too worried, really not that bad. Just a few things to understand. Drivers use the left rather than the US, and the roads are usually narrower than in the US. So driving a bus or a truck can be a little intimidating.

Toilets – Eastern toilets can also intimidate western travelers. Keep in mind that the eastern toilets are a little more than the holes in the soil surrounded by ceramics, which contain water and no paper for cleaning. Frankly, I still haven't used this kind of facility completely. In addition, there are often men in the men's room who are there for cleaning. It may be annoying if you first experience this, but it is no longer like cleaning.

Thanks to these tips, you can better understand Thai people and have more fun while staying in Bangkok, allowing locals to be more comfortable with you and better understand how they work in Thailand. .

Source by Christopher Snyder

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