Thailand – the land of smiles and cheap travel

Thailand is a land of smiles that is wonderful considering the traffic jams in Bangkok. The budget for travelers in Thailand simply cannot flow alone.


Thailand is an unmatched mixture of opposites. It may be extremely stressful while trying to get around Bangkok and is wonderfully relaxing while practicing on any shore that resides on the coast of the country. Regardless of your situation, Thais has the habit and habit, or smiles, no matter what you ask or ask.


Thailand's beaches have not been introduced. Different styles are used to set up hundreds of movies. Phuket and Phi Phi beaches are located along traditional beach resorts such as Cancun, Mexico or Tamarindo, Costa Rica. At the other end of the scale, more rustic beach areas can be found in places such as Ko Chang, where they have some beach bungalows with a few bars and one or two shops. If you are looking for a bit of both styles, just ask around.

Da North

Many of the seaside life in Thailand is not completed by many. This is a mistake, as the northern part is one of places such as Chang Mai, the Thai King's Summer Palace and interesting little villas. For outdoor enthusiasts, rafting, hiking and mountain biking are very popular and widely available.


If you want a budget, Thailand is the perfect travel destination. For some reason, flights to Thailand are particularly cheap when they have recently made $ 650 a Korean airline. Once in the country, your money will go a long and long journey.

In my opinion, caution is needed at this moment. Please beware! If you decide to travel to Thailand, you do not want to return to your country. However, he will definitely return to Thailand!

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