Thailand – still confused

Thailand's deceased prime minister, Thaksin Shinawtra, arrived in Cambodia this week to claim Cambodian citizenship and start his new job in the Cambodian government. The current Thai government, which is taken over by a yellow t-shirt from Bangkok's international airport, must be fuming! Instead of focusing on restoring the country's economy, raised from the airport to his knees, they were trying to try to catch Thaksin, who spent time in Dubai because he was forced to leave the military coup.

To stay in a neighboring country and not be able to get to us, it must be unpleasant. At the moment I dare say that there is little other political work than wasting time when Thaksin is released.

So why do they want Thaksin so badly? Well, if you didn't know he was the devil, he was completely injured, and he was rich to make Thailand poor. All in all, bad, bad man! Well, this is what many believe in the current government media regulation! Before I go on, I have to explain that Thaksin is in exile.

Thai things aren't always the ones that seem. When it comes to the first time, and everyone always smiles, but when you live there for ten years, you'll see what it is. For those of you who do not know, Thailand means draconian widow-majestic laws, which means that anything they say is offensive to the royal family, with your family or perhaps even worse! People always say "Thai people really love their king". Well, yes, and England would be much more of Manchester United's supporter if there was a law that says he's going to jail. So why do you need such a law if you are such a good guy? Put on your own mind. Another interesting fact is that the king of Thailand is the richest ruler in the world! Forget the Queen of England and the Brunei Sultan, the king of Thailand is much richer! It seems a bit strange because 90% of Thai people are desperately poor. It is generally believed that the telecon had to kill his older brother in his teens, but obviously not many people speak in Thailand for obvious reasons! Why would anyone want to kill his brother Rama 8? Maybe because he wanted democracy in Thailand?

There are so many incredible things about the royal family, but in summary, Thailand is dominated by the king. The wealth of the country is with the king. People live in poverty and can't do anything and say nothing about the majestic law of the widow. Thanks to the royal family's advertising machine, the Thai people think they do it for the country when in fact this is the reason why many people live in poverty. So what about Thaksin? During his time in office, Thaksin became incredibly rich and quite corrupt. This is what they throw into people every day in Thailand until they believe it. Some things are usually forgotten. Yes, it became incredibly rich, but Thailand too. Economic genius, and while in power, the economy flourished. At such speed he took Thailand from the dark ages and really helped so many people in poor rural areas. Yes, he did bad things, but he did much more good things for the country. It became so popular and powerful that the king felt threatened to organize a military coup to eliminate it. A total of eighteen coups were supported during the king's reign. He supported the yellow massive eight-day airport recording. He was not worried about the brutal impact on the economy, but rather he was worried about staying in power. Current & # 39; completely damaged & # 39; the government is just a puppet.

And the sad thing is that the Thai people really love their king, but not as passionately as before. Many Thais want to see Thaksin come back and repair the damage caused by the monarchy of tyranny.

Source by Robert Kingsbad

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