Thailand Short Description Food and Thailand Culture

Thailand Food

There is no doubt that food is part of the gathering, so it becomes part of social events or the cause of the celebration itself. Usually, as with Western culture, every restaurant starts with the usual meal, main course and dessert. But in Thailand, the habit is a bit different from Thai food because no person has a single meal. In general, all people present at the meeting share the same pot. So it is better to have a lot of guests around the table than to enjoy one or two pleasures because eating alone is bad luck in the country.

One of the good things about Thai food is that they will never throw away the remaining food because they believe it is a bad thing and an angry act for a female god, the "God of Rice." Usually in Thailand there are four flavors – sweet, sour, salty and spicy. The food is satisfied only if it contains all four flavors. Thai dinner is mainly meat, fish, pasta, vegetables and soups, and desserts including fresh fruits and colorful rice cakes. Apart from meals, chicken or beef satay, spring rolls, salads, raw vegetables, spicy dip and sweets are available

Thai culture

Buddhism strongly influences Thai culture under the influence of Hinduism and other Southeast Asian neighbors. Thai art is the main element of Thai culture. The image of the Buddha is the main component of the different periods, which have characteristic styles. Currently, traditional art has a fusion of modern techniques. India also had a major impact on Thai literature. Includes the most significant work, Ramakien, the Indian epic, Ramayana version. The poetry of Sunthorn Phu in Thailand is also quite famous

In Thailand there is no talk of spoken drama, but Thai dance is divided into three categories – Lakhon, Likay and Khon. A shadow payment form, Nang Drama, is popular in South Thailand. The Importance of Folk Music and Classical Music in Pop Music

In addition, one common Thai gesture like Wai, Namaste, is one of Thai common customs. The hospitable and generous people of Thailand give the elders a lot of respect and respect because they are the essence of their faith and spiritual belief. Looking for the blessing of the elders as an important sign of respect

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