Thailand safe?

Before coming to Thailand, maybe many unanswered questions were raised about the mysterious country, and it is very difficult to get the answers before it arrives.

In Thailand, one of the most common questions is whether Thailand is safe or not.

In short, I would say that it depends mainly on whether Thailand is safe for you.

There are many dangers in Thailand, but you can prepare for most if you know what's first. I will briefly summarize the following areas and offer you a resource that can make almost anything in Thailand at the end of the article.

Thai Culture

Thailand has a royal family. In contrast to other royal families, the Thai people treat their royal family with the greatest respect. There are very strict laws about what can and cannot be said about the royal family in Thailand. It would be wise to study this in more detail before it comes because it gives citizens or foreigners a little leeway in this matter.

Thai politics

Thai politics over the past thirty years were full of power struggles between violent people who are not responsible for power. hungry people who are currently in government. There was a lot of violence, especially in Bangkok, because politicians are fighting against each other – and with the entire population of people who are seeking change – often through violence.

Attempts to control Thai protesters are often cumbersome and cause many deaths and serious injuries to participants. The soldier and the police are often made between two sides and have to choose which side they are supporting. Occasionally, military action is on a coup, and the fighting is held for a while until the elections are held and the fighting begins again.

In times of intense political disruption, it is dangerous if you are in Bangkok. It is not uncommon for bombs to be in public places at these times. Foreign visitors were not targeted, but were occasionally injured, sometimes severely.

Muslim extremists

More than 3,000 deaths occurred in southern Thailand due to the independence of a small group from Thailand. These groups are Muslim extremists who randomly shoot and sometimes kill both Buddhists and Muslims in a murderous way. It is not recommended that visitors go to the deep southern provinces because the extremists can visit foreigners at any time, hoping to force the Thai government to participate more actively.

In addition to Thailand's political and other violence, there are many dangers that visitors need to be aware of in Thailand. In Thailand, there are 45 poisonous snake species, scorpions, centipedes and other spicy beasts, some of which come directly to the people in Bangkok.

Electric hazards abound here. In Thailand, the same electricity-related care was not done in the country.

The concept of Thai "face" is a cultural phenomenon that has to be understood for some time because it controls the behavior of Thais. The face is a component of all Thai behavior, and if we understand it, it can help you stay away from being angry when you are here. Thais fights to kill and it would be better if you never saw Thailand during the trip.

The key to a safe holiday in Thailand is to know all about the Thai people, their behavior and their culture. There is only one guide that focuses on a safe visit to Thailand.

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