Thailand, North Vs South

Thailand is not only a cheap hotel, fantastic beaches and wild nightlife, Thailand has discovered a wonderful culture that smiles on most people's face.

Northern Thailand is mainly surrounded by high mountains, the mountainous terrain is mainly a jungle, with national parks that are still fertile and green and rich in flora and fauna. There are many places and places where tourists prefer to visit the lifestyle of tribal people living on high mountains.

The North Thai climate is much cooler than the south, from November to February the cool season and around 14-30 degrees Celsius throughout the day. At higher altitudes, temperatures occasionally freeze at night to freezing point. No snow, but occasionally.

During the hot season, from March to May, especially the city temperatures are high, rising to the 30s. The northern rainy season runs from June to October.

Chiang Mai is a North Thai tourist center, one of the country's most fashionable countryside with valleys, mountain fauna and flora.

One of Northern Thailand's most popular things to spend on hiking and spending the night with the mountain tribes is a great opportunity for tribes to get extra money and a great experience that shows you don't have a lot of life, to enjoy it.

South Thailand is definitely the most popular of the 2, many travel to Thailand for beaches, islands and nightlife. But now a new destination has been created in Surat Thani, called Khao Sok, a place that really comes alive over the years and can offer so much. Rainforest is even older than the Amazon rainforest. Not sure that this place has not been discovered in the past, it contains many wild animals, including the Malay tapir, the Asian elephant, the tiger, the Sambar deer, the bear, the guar, the banteng, the Serow, the wild boar, the Langur, the Gibbon in the white hand, the squirrel and the mouse deer.

For beautiful beaches and water sports, Trang is also emerging, and one of the best places in southern Thailand to visit is not finished and every price is much cheaper than the popular Phuket.

If you ever travel to Thailand and want a different experience than the usual tourist holiday, Chiang Mai, Khao Sok and Trang are good alternatives to try.

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