Thailand – Exotic and Investment Gold

Why Investing in Thailand?

The mysterious Thailand is Asia's most popular tourist destination, at affordable prices, a magnet for visitors, migrants and investors alike. In many significant locations in Thailand, the share of local economy is strongly driven by tourism and investment in real estate in these areas, and is therefore a perfect news for domestic economic growth and good capital gains.

1. An exotic and expensive long-term destination, Thailand is now a sophisticated tourist destination, too.

2. For thousands of people who have worked in Asia for many years, Thailand is a very attractive retirement place where the living environment will be familiar.

3. A retired visa is available for aliens over 50 years of age. Thailand has good schools, an effective health care system, and is considered a friendly country to live or to visit. Thailand offers beautiful mountains, dense forests and stunning beaches, tropical climates and cultured and colorful cities, attracting retreat visitors every year.

6. Warm weather for winter holidaymakers. The peak season is between November and February. Thailand's relatively uncovered nature means that real estate prices here are much lower in well-established European markets, though they grow rapidly and consistently (10-15% per year).

2. Thailand is the largest growth market in Asia. Some companies choose Thailand as a regional base from which they will work throughout Asia.

3. Thailand has recently attracted significant foreign investment. One of Asia's economic leaders has become one of the fastest growing economies in the region.

4. Completion of the Suvarnabhumi-Bangkok International Airport (SBIA) is expected to encourage commercial real estate growth in the eastern part of Bangkok and make Thailand more accessible to the air. Thailand is one of the cheapest places to fly to Asia.

5. The country has strong business relations with China and offers excellent infrastructure and world-class facilities in many resort towns.

6. Property is much cheaper in Thailand than elsewhere and the growing interest in buying overseas property helped boost economic recovery in Thailand. Property market investors after 1999 experienced an experienced capital increase, especially in larger cities.

7. Rental opportunities are great, as rising public spending is attracting more and more tourists.

8. Private investors do not have capital gains tax and low-running taxes.

9. Today foreigners are seen as a great investment opportunity in Thailand. Thailand is less exploitable in the real estate investment sector than in many other areas and therefore prices are far behind in more stable European markets. However, in many areas, prices increase by approximately 10-15% per year.

It can be seen that some very attractive investment opportunities [] are located in certain locations in Thailand, and according to world experts, the Thai economy is under constant growth. While the ongoing development of Thai real estate investment continues, the symbiosis with the tourism economy and the real estate economy allows for mutual growth at a level not represented.

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