Thailand Beaches – How to Explore Hidden Beaches in Thailand

For several reasons, visit Thailand, such as the North Tropical Rainforest, the Kwai River Bridge to the west of Kanwanaburi, or the soft white beaches to the south. sand to name a few. Many southern travelers are looking for a perfect paradise, a place where there are abandoned beaches with green palm trees and soft white sand to bury their toes. However, the reality is that they will eventually be on the shore as with the tourists because their flight was there.

There are many beaches in southern Thailand. Some are full of tourists, jet-sky and banana boats, while others will be hidden paradise. Now, if you want jet sky and banana ships, things are simple, but if you are looking for a little corner of paradise, you have to do a little more. Vacation planning should be the most important part of your holiday and you should do more than visit a local travel agency to pick up some brochures.

Here I have listed 7 points that I think will help you find those hidden beaches in Thailand.

7 points for great freedom research

  1. Decided what type of vacation you would like, the beach, the city or the forest. If you want a combination of these, do the following 6 steps for each destination.
  2. Record 5 sentences or words that remind you of your chosen destination.
  3. Put these terms in Google or any other search engine you can use and view the results of the first page and ignore them.
  4. Go to pages 2 and 3, go down, ignore hotel booking services and visit websites that look like information pages and have some relevance to the phrase or phrase you're looking for.
  5. Find sites you may have never heard of or read about and record the name.
  6. Find this unknown place and consider the number of pages with the phrase.
  7. The site with the smallest number of pages must now be the next holiday destination.

Steps to Action:

Only if you don't know, I like the beaches of Thailand . When they find out, they have pictures of white sand, palm trees, blue waters, cool winds and abandoned beaches. I've put these phrases on my chosen search engine, Google, and here's what I find.

White sand Thailand returns 2.35 million results on page 2. I ignore the hotel booking service pages and see that I am looking down at – Tropical Islands in Thailand. Koh Larn and Koh Turatao. Later, 1380 hits and Koh Larn has 55,400 pages. Now my first holiday research site, Koh Turatao.

A word of warning about finding deserted beaches. These areas are often far from commercial stores, medical centers or English speaking sites. It can be a paradise if things go well, but if it is unthinkable and gets sick or injured, finding help can be a difficult task, just remember this before you start to get to the unknown.

Finally, I would like to ask if you find the perfect tomato in the research and then please keep it for yourself. Many paradise locations have been spoiled after someone has found it and posted a comment on their experiences from some travel forums. Let's find hidden treasures for others, they can really provide the best possible vacation.

Source by Brian Lawson

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