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Wilderness Adventure – Thailand

Thailand has always been a special place in my heart. I first traveled in 1991, a wide-eyed kid behind the ear was wet in a bucket shop, one trip to Bangkho. The great plans of the short sea break before Penguin pilgrims joining the eastern coast of Australia, dating back to the 1000s, did not go to the plan. Fifteen months later, I left Thailand to return to my homeland, emancipated and full of great stories that my friends soon got tired of.

On a few occasions I returned to Bangkok and Koh Samui, I'm happy to return to the ground with smiles, but I'm slightly disappointed with any changes. The old history of development is good for locals, but it is not good for adventure. This did not prevent me from joining Imaginative Travelers Wilderness Adventure two years ago. This time I came to Bangkok again. I was booked for a hotel because I did not pack my package in a Bangkok suppressor mixture due to exhaust gas, heat and humidity, which is looking for a clean bed. I also had a group I met, and that was good if you are eating Pad Thai who is looking for a conversation for a conversation, it can be a tough job. We had 10 of us, Poms, Aussies, Canadian, American and South African blends. We all met for dinner and shortly after the first Thai beer I knew it was a fun trip.

Bangkok for me is food and shopping and is the best place to both find the Chata Chuk Weekend Market. I started there, his belly was empty and his purse was completely ordered to turn the two. The market is huge, very large, 35-hectare low-cost flavors are huge and sell everything from furniture to real fake designer suits. The street food is awesome, but remember that the Thai likes it. I left my hotel to be safe because I will be back after I finish my trip.

Who is the night train to Chiang Mai. I like to travel like this, while sleep is a sense of motion for me, and the train is clean, functional, safe and delicious. I think Chiang Mai is the perfect place for a refugee from Bangkok. This is a peaceful, happy place, and this reflects the locals. The sights will go to the Wat Pratat Doi Suthep temple – in stunning and cute sunshine. The next section of the trip was hiking in the surrounding jungle, so I decided I needed a massage before we left.

Travel along the North Thai hills offers an opportunity to avoid everyday life and clean your head. The road is not too complicated for someone who has good fitness, but when it rains, it may be dark. I enjoyed my own headquarters when we arrived in the first village houses, with chickens and lots of smiles, but I did not think of anything else I would have liked to see. Chan, our guide was a local in an adjacent village and after a long time shared our village hosts before sunshine and it was very difficult for us urban people to do anything without electric light. That night, in the jungle surrounding the mattress rolled over the bamboo floor, perhaps the best night sleep I've ever seen. The next day's trip was shorter and we discovered the ground faster, maybe we got used to hiking, but I think the elephant riding was excited that afternoon. The lunch was delicious, but we were too busy watching elephants in the river. Elephants are brilliant creatures and travels deeper into the jungle is a fantastic experience. The next morning, Chan will help us early and the villagers build the rafts to lead the river to civilization. This is part of the experience that helps guys and by trying to help them keep away from their journey while the rackets are professionally built. A calm float to the nearest small town where our buses waited for a hot shower and another massage.

We left Chiang Mai and walked back to Bangkok where we went south to a night stay in the angel town.

I heard some good things about the Khoa Many National Park, not very popular with tourists or backpackers, because there was no big bus stop. To get there, we have to stop the bus after the 3rd banyan tree on the 17th, near the big hill, and a bunny waiting for him to take the park. I'm glad you had a tour leader. The first night we slept with the birds in the wooden houses, the second and the third were left in a torn house. It's a beautiful area, and some have been in the days of waterfalls, flooded caves, kayaking and hiking, and some just sat and took it.

How to finish this trip to Thailand? Of course, on the beach. The islands in Krabi are what we see when we think of a Thai beach and do not disappoint. Thailand has a soy called Sabai, loosely translated, which means an inner happiness and satisfaction. One afternoon I woke up at the beach, and I understood exactly what the Sabai was.

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