Thailand – A place where dream weddings come true

Every busy couple want a really memorable wedding and these days the exotic paradise of Thailand is pure beaches, rich culture, exotic food and urbanized cities and resort areas have become the world's favorite wedding venue.

Couples come to the droves to marry in Thailand. If you want your wedding special, then Thailand is the perfect place to stay. You can choose to be on a Christian celebration either on a beach or on a hilltop; or rather a traditional Thai wedding that is characterized by a series of Buddhist literature that gives a festive feeling to the celebration and contains several reports.

Foreigners often think about the validity of the marriage of Thailand. Marriage laws are different in all countries, but generally speaking, there is a fair marriage registered in Thailand for couples' homeland. One of the main requirements for registration of a Thai marriage is to strengthen or conclude the freedom to marry. This document is issued in Thailand by the embassies of persons who are in the country they wish to marry

Each embassy has its own requirements that must first be submitted by the applicant before issuing that document. passports and divorce certificates, while others are requesting documents and enforcing stricter procedures such as the Chinese embassy. For Filipinos, as we are able to meet both the Philippine ambassador both the Thai government's documentation requirements and the fact that they are already married in Thailand and recognize such marriages all over the world.

The Marriage Marriage Code of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code (CCC) stipulates that any foreigner wishing to marry in Thailand must provide a copy of his passport and arrival card and complete the details of their marital status about their embassies.

Applicants must also include in the Thai version of that declaration and bear an attestation of an approved Foreign Ministry translator on the document. Meeting these requirements is necessary for Thai marriage to be declared and validated.

The process of meeting the requirements can be tedious and problematic; Fortunately, there are well-established and recognized law firms in Thailand that specialize in foreign aid in all legal matters such as translations, embassy checks, marriage and marriage registrations. One such company is Siam Legal, which provides all legal services at a reasonable price. In addition, Siam Legal has an in-house professional wedding designer who is working for the wedding celebration with the soon-to-be married couple.

Make your dream wedding, get married in Thailand!

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