Thai Dessert – 5 Must Have Sweets In Thailand

Thai dessert is often extremely sweet and usually difficult in contrast to light and air. Coconut cream, sweet sticky rice, pudding and a multitude of fruits are popular qualities. Here are some of the most popular Thai dessert meals.

Sticky rice with mango is one of the most famous and popular options. Sweet, sticky rice is made of a very mature yellow mango slice and is filled with a sweet coconut cream sifting. Sticky rice mango is common in Thailand and something that almost everyone loves! Tong Yip, Tong Yord and Foi Tong three desserts that are hand in hand. The trio is made of egg yolks and lots of sugar, but each one is transformed into a variety of entertaining forms. All three are often consumed together. Coconut rice dumplings (19459004), known as Khanon Krok in Thailand. Breaded rice flour is made with coconut sweetener and sometimes with various delicacies. Cook dumplings in warm pancakes in hot pancakes.

Takoh is basically a heavy coconut cream cream. Pudding is made with tapioca made with flour, lots of coconut cream and sugar. Usually a banana leaf wrap is used to retain its shape and strength

Combination of mixed ice jars Nam Kang Sai known as jellies and candied fruits In a bowl and then crushed ice and sweetened syrup or condensed Milk boiling. The result is a refreshing Thai dessert that is great on hot days!

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