Thai Culture – Overview (Part 1)

There are dozens of thousands of books that look closely at Thai history and culture. I'm not gonna try them. What I'm going to do is tell you what she needs to do to make a comfortable transition.

Show respect
Once there was a Bangkok bar where a loud American was a heated conversation with another foreigner. With reference to Thailand, he suddenly shouted "otherwise not a real country". If this is your behavior, save yourself a lot of pain and stay home. The thaifahs are proud people and rightly. While all of its neighbors had colonized at once, Thailand remained free. This pride means that while they will be respected, they will not bend. They are proud and confident. If they treat them with respect, they do the same. If you act as if it were better because it comes from the first world, it comes in a country for a rough stay.

The concept of the face
It is very important to save the face and to allow others to do the same. Because of this, the terrible confrontation in Thailand is almost flawed. Let me give you an example. My friend's associate recently visited. We call him Ying. My girlfriend came to the bathroom. He recognized that he had forgotten his brush and came back to find Ying with the wallet in his hand. Instead of raising his voice immediately and asking him what the hell is doing, my girlfriend pretended not to notice it. He did not want the thief to lose his face. The next working day my girlfriend photographed 500 500 baht notes and left them open. The notes disappeared, the money was found in Ying's wallet and was fired. My girlfriend successfully solved the situation without Ying losing sight of her face. Yes, they were ashamed of the shooting, but it was not the result of a direct friendly confrontation. The face is appreciated for almost anything else. Do not intentionally cause Thai to lose his face. They know they're getting revenge. If you do this by mistake, smile and apologize.

Violence and Revenge
A foreigner can go anywhere in the streets of Thailand (the deep outside of the south that we touch later) day and night at any time and feel safer than he is in the average American city. This is the pleasure of the people here. However, this does not mean that there is no violence. If you go to the wrong man; if he deliberately fights; if you are harmed by someone; if someone steals money or property; if someone loses his face to his friends or family; prepare for revenge. The Thai people are famous about it. And when they get caught, they really get caught. Therefore, do not place yourself in any of the above situations. Be courteous. Smile. Do not raise your voice. And I liked you and you're alone.

Source by Jonathan Syres

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