Ten Important Things to Visit to Belgium

Belgium – a beautiful country called the "Battle Map of Europe". Indeed, Belgium was part of the war. It has ended all ages of the greedy kings and ambitious warriors, but war can not reduce the beauty of the country, making it the ideal place to visit.

1) There is a cup of hot chocolate

No Belgium vacations without a trip to the capital's famous pavement cafes. It is absolutely essential that you take a few cafes in the city of Brussels and be a sip of Belgian famous rich hot chocolate. If anything that Belgium's beautiful country offers you, it's your sweetheart's full satisfaction.

2) Participate in the Carnivals of Binche

Be smart in tourism and visit Belgium at the time of the most celebration. In February, the most colorful festival in Belgium, Binche Cranit. In the case of fireworks and music parades, colorful costumes and projectile oranges, this is definitely a festival that you should attend. This festival is also listed on the UNESCO Heritage List.

3) Follow the Gourmet Way

One of the Belgian's biggest things is, and Belgium is known for its delicious cuisine that is heavily influenced the different countries around them. Try a Belgian mussel, mussel bowl, and see if your tongue agrees with Belgian taste. Also, why not try French chocolates. After all, the original.

4) Have fun on a river cruise

Stay on one of Belgium's colorful boats and cruise on the waterways of Belgium to have a perfect view of the different cities and coastline towns. You can try the River Lys, which will take you to Bruges or Gent. You can try the Escaut River to get to Tournai and Bossuit.

5) Practicing an Inner Student

Belgium is a country that places great resources on good education. Visit Ghent or Leuven, the student towns in Belgium, and visit the local cafeteria and have a conversation with any of the university students. You must be in a spiritual conversation anywhere.

6) Party in Ghent

If you are a guy who is good for the day all day, then Belgium has only yours. Ghent City organizes Gentse Feesten, a gigantic street festival that will do everything from street dance to the theater to various musical performances. Gentse Feesten will take place on July 14 and 23.

7) Pleasure in the Flemish Fields – the Westhoek

Have you ever wanted to escape the beautiful flower fields and lush green plains? Well, his fantasy is realized in Flander Fields, Belgium, where the Flanders fields are not only beautiful but also rich in history. It is the only part of Belgium that was not accepted during the World War, as city dwellers had enormous plans to open the floodgate.

8) The oldest citizen in Brussels

Who would have thought the oldest little boy at the top of the fountain? Mannekin-Pis, located on Etuve Street, is probably the most popular tourist destination in the capital. Mannekin-Pis is a bronze figurine of a Belgian disrespect, a statue of a little boy who answers the nature. (eg musk).

9) Great People Walked All

And you can not travel to Belgium without going to Grand Place, a beautiful piece of architecture that has existed since the Middle Ages. Here Marx and Engels once worked in writing their Communist proclamation.

10) Castle Hopping

And if you are looking for beautiful and varied architecture, then Belgium is definitely the place for you. The Walloon of Belgium is a huge collection of all kinds of castles. They have forts and towers and everything they need for their medieval fantasy. These castles have become increasingly popular for honeymoon patches for newcomers.

Source by Jonathan Williams

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